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w00t! 18 grand materializes from the air!

Lordie! Here I’ve been thinking I’d lost about $23,000 in the stock market…. Comes a statement from GDU’s Fidelity retirement plan-the first I’ve seen in a year. It turns out the balance the Fidelity rep gave me over the phone a few weeks ago was wrong. He only gave me the amount in the 401(a) plan. The fund also includes a 403(b) plan, which contains $18,465 more than the amount he said I had.

That means I’ve “only” lost about $4,535 to the bear.

Wow! I’ve never been so pleased with a loss in my life.

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Mrs. Accountability

That’s wonderful!! Funny how the situation could cause such a paradigm shift

Friday, July 18, 200809:35 AM


Wow, that is so cool!

I’m too chicken for stock market… I saved up a bit but I don’t like the idea of potentially losing money. I mean, I wouldn’t mind your kind of loss though

Friday, July 18, 200807:00 PM

Funny about Money

In fact, you lose money in the market and you gain it. Over time, you should make more than you lose, if you’ve diversified and invested carefully.

With mutual funds where you’re simply rolling all gains back into the fund by automatically purchasing new shares with gains or buying new shares each month with savings from your paycheck, when the market goes down you stand to earn MORE money, because you buy shares at deflated prices. As the market comes back up, your existing shares plus the shares you bought in the bargain basement make money.

This is most obvious in your 401(k) or 403(b), where you and your employer are plowing money into the funds every payday. It’s hair-raising to get a statement that shows the plan has lost more than you and your employer combined put into it over the quarter…until you realize the contributions are buying lots of shares at reduced prices. When the market comes back to normal, you feel mighty flush.