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w00t! Times has PF frenzy!

OMG. This morning’s New York Times, ever in touch with the whims of the moment, has gone overboard in its coverage of personal finance and frugality. And as usual, they’re a day late and a dollar short (sorry, Times editors: but what can you do when you have to steer a 1,500-ton flagship?). 

To start with, over at Get Rich Slowly, Mrs. JD published a highly entertaining piece on the virtues (and drawbacks) of DIY. Hoot! She scooped the FRONT PAGE (no less) of the Times by a full day! Appearing in print a good 24 hours later, Times reporter Susan Saulny comes forward with some of the funniest DIY disasters on record…okay, okay! They’re not funny if they happen to you. But if they don’t…heeeeee!

The entire freaking Times Sunday Magazine is devoted to PF issues, right down to Randy Cohen’s column, “The Ethicist.” We were given a heads-up on this by Frugal Scholar, who, before the magazine hit the newsstands, got a conversation going, with a follow-up, on financial writer Edmund Andrews’s so-scary-I’m-hiding-under-the-bed article about his journey toward desperate indebtedness. The mag, which features a mildly annoying photo of Suze Orman on the cover and an eye-glazing profile inside, is quite the tour de force. A really creepy piece on credit card companies’ interest in the psychology of tu et moi (by Charles DuHigg) struck me as easier to read than David Leonhardt’s no doubt much more significant article on the economic relationship between China and the U.S. Overall, it’s good, very good.

But oh, my friends, and ah, my foes: bloggers got there first!


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  1. HaHa. In fairness, I got the info from the NYT website. But, as I said somewhere or other, I’d rather take my personal finance advice from those on my blogroll than from the “experts.”

    Thanks for the mention.