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Waiting for Godot…or something like that…

Welp, I’m pretty much ready to go for tomorrow’s Adventure in Medical Science. Called the Mayo and learned we’re not scheduled till 10 a.m., not (as promised), at 6:00. That’s annoying in one way but maybe better in a couple of other ways. First, we don’t have to leave the house at five in the morning, which is mighty nice. Second, I’m allowed to eat and to drink fluids until midnight. So my plan is to try to get amply hydrated: I’m gonna sit here until around 11 p.m. watching Netflix and sipping water, which I hope will help with the excruciating thirst while we’re sitting around waiting to be called in.

This afternoon my son came by and asked me to dinner — I’d already stuffed myself, so that was kind of moot. And he puttered around collecting keys and trying to figure out what would need to be done. And advising me, in his manly way. 😀

I’ve got two old Land’s End soft-sided briefcases. One now holds a set of PJs, extra underpants, toothbrush, and the like. Oh, and something to hold my glasses. And the phone (I figure the Mayo may not have land lines into every room the way hospitals did in the good old days!) and a list of phone numbers (mine is not a smart phone). And a book. And a yellow pad and a pen.

Then I’m putting the laptop (and its charger cord!) in the other one and giving it to my son to haul around. Whenever I get settled in the room and come back to consciousness, I’d like to have that at hand, since it’s my main source of amusement. Must remember to bring the Netflix codes.

Hmmmm…. I hope that if they put me in a room with a roommate I won’t have to listen to a dratted television blathering away. I hate that! I should probably ask M’hijito to bring a pair of earphones, since I don’t have a set.

So tomorrow the endless round of surgeries will be over (I sincerely hope!), and with any luck three weeks from now the worst of this little adventure will in the past.

Meanwhile, today the freebie Knitted Knockers arrived in the mail. Not very impressive, I’d say.

First, I asked for a size “C.” They’re a bit large for my bras, and the bras I tried them in are C-cups.

Second — and this may be a function of the way they’re stuffed rather than the way they’re made — instead of being cone-shaped, they look like little chair cushions.


The person who made them sewed a thread or piece of yarn through from front to back (exactly as the Tit Bit instruction says to do, at and pulled it tight, just as you would when you sew a cushion with a single button in the center, so it’s poufy all around the circumference and pulled firmly tight in the center.

{chortle!} Looks like I imagine a Whoopee Cushion looks!!

The ones Windy City Gal discovered are more cone-shaped, flat on one side and perky on the other, presumably like the ones pictured at or like the ones shown here at Canadian Living.

I’ll e-mail the Knitted Knockers lady and ask if there’s a way to adjust them so they look more like boobs and less like seat cushions. First, I’ll have to figure out a tactful way to say that…  😆


10 thoughts on “Waiting for Godot…or something like that…”

  1. Best wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy, non-eventful recovery!
    Good wishes to your son also.

  2. Sorry to hear of the necessity, but I know you’ll rest easier once it’s done and you’ve healed up.
    As soon as you’re able I hope you’ll continue to keep us abreast of the situation. 😉

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Also, forget tact, I like “look more like boobs and less like seat cushions” 🙂

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