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Wanna Lose the Weight? Hold the Salt

Wow! I’ve gained over two pounds in two days! And over the same period, the blood pressure shot up from 124/80 to 135/75.

And what might be the cause of this development? Salt.

Saturday at Whole Foods I picked up an impulse buy: “sea salt and olive oil sourdough crackers.” They’re pretty good — not great, but interesting — and very salty. Also grabbed some buffalo cheese stuff from the low-cost “experiment” basket at the deli counter. Pretty good, but salty.

Also at Whole Foods that day, I bought a package of (very nice!) sushi, which I consumed with copious amounts of tamari and a beer. Salty, salty, and salty.

That afternoon I went to  a friend’s party. Snacked on popcorn and chips and dip. Salty.

Sunday was the one day a month when the choir has to show up at the 8 a.m. service. This is a bit of a hassle since I don’t get moving very fast in the mornings anymore, especially when the back hurts a lot, which it certainly does after I tripped over the shop-vac cord and nearly hit the floor. In a hurry to get out of the house, I grabbed a handful of those oversalted crackers and a couple of pieces of cheese.

Bad idea.

Sunday noon I went to lunch with M’hijito at a gourmetified sort of Mexican-food place. Carne asade soft tacos, beans, rice. Restaurant food is by its nature oversalted; add “Mexican” to the mix and you get mega-oversalted. Add one of this outfit’s incredibly delicious Margaritas and you’re off the scale.

Salt always raises my weight. Conversely, though, not  eating salted foods (restaurant food, bread, sushi, beer, Mexican food, chips, dips, you name it) always drops the weight off. Fast. A great cheat on your diet is simply to stop adding salt to your food — and stay away from processed and restaurant foods, both of which are famously oversalted. Do this and your weight will magically drop within days.

Stick with that routine and your blood pressure will drop, too. Sometimes quite dramatically.

Didn’t eat much more food yesterday but did swallow a generic Flexiril, such was the incredible back pain. This stuff can make your blood pressure go either way: it can either depress b.p. or  elevate it.

Whether it was the salt, the drug, or both, I don’t know: all I know is my b.p. has jumped over 11 points(!!) and the weight is up over two pounds. And I hurt too much to exercise today, so that’s going to put the eefus on using a brisk jog around the block to push the figures down.

So the only thing I’m going to be able to do today is to refrain from eating salty food. That will cut the weight gain by about a pound over the course of a day. And I guess I’d better refrain from the Flexiril, too. Damn it.

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  1. Hi – surely I’m not the only person who has commented the last few days but I can’t find any comments.

  2. It’s all water weight – if you eat a lot of salt, you’ll experience temporary water weight gain. Weirdly, to lose it, you need to drink *more* water, to flush out the salt

  3. Sorry about the water weight. But I like the new look of the site.

  4. Yeah, I get the salt thing. Used to have a bit of popcorn every night. Had to cut it out.

    Um, like the old look better. This is kind of dark.


  5. Drink LOTS of water. Water will help with water retention due to salt. I know it’s counter intuitive but works!