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Water! Falling Out of the Sky!

Who’d’ve thunk it? Last night we got fierce thunderstorms rolling through the Valley. And…rain! This wet stuff that fell right out of the sky onto the ground. Weird…

Seriously: it was one of the fiercest little freshets I’ve seen in awhile. Apparently it caused a fair amount of damage and — horrors!! — shut down a football game. Lightning apparently hit a house not far from here…looks like a condo development where I considered buying a place. This story claims it’s a house, but reportage in the local media leaves a lot to be desired. Like…you know…accuracy?

Three in the morning just now: the usual hour for the Little Old Lady Wake-up Call.

Went out to check the pool, figuring to find the Mess from Hell. But no! It was nowhere like a disaster area. This, thanks to the various workmen who inhabit the yard:

  • Gerardo’s crew beat back the palm tree mess just a week or so ago.
  • Pool Dude, who works some kinda miracle with the Hole in the Ground into Which to Pour Money, has kept the pool amazingly clean over the past some weeks. It was still OK as of this wee hour…just some leaves floating on the surface, which I scooped out easily with a net.
  • It’s too dark to see the roof, but no leaks made themselves evident…so I assume (hope!!) it’s OK. Probably was a real good thing that I forked over a few fistfuls of cash to have that thing worked on.

Hmmm…. Can’t see much in the dark, so further inspection of the Funny Farm will have to wait until tomorrow. I think Garage Repair Dude is supposed to show up tomorrow to fix the garage door. Hope so. Checking to see whether that thing is still closed — it could have blown open in the wind, since there’s a side door to the garage that would have invited some mighty gusts in.

…Nope! The side door slammed shut, apparently pretty early on. Don’t see a lot of mess on the floor out there. Can’t bring myself to go out on the west side and inspect that part of the yard…wouldn’t be able to see a lot in the dark, anyway. Plus there would be nothing I could do about it at this hour, anyway.

LOL! And — natcherly — now that I’m ready to crawl back under the covers, the Dawg wants to get up. Never fails!


2 thoughts on “Water! Falling Out of the Sky!”

  1. It’s good that your property escaped major storm damage. After what’s happened in Cali and Florida, I’m very grateful that I live in a landlocked state. We get enough damage from tornadoes!
    I remember that you tried CBD gummies for your sleep issues, and they helped. Did you decide against using them?

    • We rarely get a storm that could legitimately be called a tornado. VERY rarely! 😀 This storm is coming up from the Gulf of California; I think it’s part of the system that’s been wreaking havoc on the Coast.

      It has cooled things down a bit: supposed to reach 95 today (brr!), with a 15% chance of rain. Right now: high clouds, fairly thin, are hovering to the north. Usually serious rain comes up from the south and east. So I suppose we could get weather tonight…maybe.

      Yeah, the CBD gummies actually DID help to keep me asleep most of the night. But they’re hard to buy here. You have to go to a special store, bring ID, fart around. The preferred retailer is almost out to the Great Desert University campus…it’s a drive, but it’s not THAT far. Still, to buy one stupid little item, it’s a hassle unless you have some other errand over there.

      CBD cream and CBD lotion, however, are sold at Sprouts! Either of these works surprisingly well on the peripheral neuropathy…suggesting, IMHO, that the unhappy nerves must be very close to or actually in the skin. And lips. And gums.

      At any rate, I could walk to the Sprouts here, if I chose to risk my life and my virginity.

      …Seriously, if the area weren’t overrun with panhandling spaced-out bums, it would be easy to just walk right over there. Not in this weather…but at any other season. {sigh} As it is, you have to drive, unless you enjoy being hustled. Because I have a crip-space hanger, I can park close to the door and get in the Sprouts before any of the locals can catch me.


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