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What IS your freezer trying to say to you?

So I was finally reduced to cleaning out the chest freezer that resides in a back room. It was due for a clean-up when the whole stupid boob thing arose. During the year of surgeries that ensued, that chore was relegated to such a back bar that it was forgotten. And since then I haven’t much given a damn about anything unrelated to staying alive from day to day without losing what remains of my mind.

But now that I’m well again — for the moment — it seems good to catch up with the 87 gerjillion jobs, chores, obligations, and minor survival tasks that have gone by the wayside. One of those was shoveling out the freezer.

Quite a job: but it’s now done, and to finish up all we’re doing right now is waiting for the thing to cool back down into the sub-zero range so we can haul the food out of the refrigerator’s freezer, where we jammed it, and put it away neatly.

It was a serendipitous juncture at which to take on this chore: just as I was thinking about whether I want to continue shopping at Costco at all, and if so, to what extent.

How so, serendipitous? Well, because this freezer, itself a Costco product, accrues Costco purchases as a closet breeds coat-hangers in the dark. Videlicet:

Click on the image for its full detailed glory

Whenever I buy a lifetime supply of meat — say, steaks or pork — I cut up the contents into meal-size portions and freeze them in individual packets, which go into small ziplock bags to be stored inside larger ziplock bags. Very handy.

Problem is, after the late, great gut surgery, a physician’s assistant informed me that I would never again be able to eat grilled meat, fried meat, roast meat, crisply cooked vegetables, raw vegetables, or salads. Whatever I would be able to tolerate would have to be cooked into mush, puréed, or dumped out of a can. Since I had subsisted on grilled meat, grilled veggies, and salad for quite some time, as you can imagine this bit of news rather killed my appetite.

So a great deal of food that was stashed in the freezer has just sat there for the past year or so.

Recently, though, it has come to my attention that

a) salad greens make the belly feel better, not worse;
b) grilled steak, grilled chicken, grilled fish, and grilled veggies have no ill effect;
c) I no longer give a damn one way or the other, anyway; and
d) To avoid going broke at the Costco and the grocery store, I might as well eat whatever is in the house.

Hence, the freezer-cleaning frenzy.

When I shoveled the thing out, this is what I found:

17 pieces of steak
4 hamburger patties
2.5 pounds of ground bison meat
2 gigantic bag of sea scallops
3 open packages of fish, each containing several servings
1 serving of leftover barbecued spareribs
4 packages of doves
1 pair of lamb ribs from a deconstructed rack of lamb
4 pieces of vacuum-packed yellowtail tuna

All told, these came to 43 servings of fancy protein.

This doesn’t count any of the other stuff in there: the collected bags of expensive flours donated by a choir friend; the sacks of frozen veggies; the this, that, and the other.

Since I don’t eat meat or fish every day, 43 servings amounts to at least two months’ worth of dinners. Probably more.

So…what is my freezer trying to say to me?

Quit buying food at Costco!
Moron! Do not ever spend $396 on groceries in a single month, ever again!

Seems like a fairly clear message…

LOL! Clearly, I won’t have to buy any meat except the usual cheapo dog schlock for the foreseeable future (at my age, “foreseeable” does not stretch not very far into the fog).

Have you cleaned out your freezer lately? Does it have a message for you?

6 thoughts on “What IS your freezer trying to say to you?”

  1. When I sold the Chicago house I had to clean out the spare freezer. But in my rental I just have the standard refrigerator/freezer, so there isn’t enough room to accumulate such riches. I do have a few odds and ends in there, but it’s only small things. One of the benefits of being in a small rental, I guess.

  2. We find that the biggest challenge is in keeping food from going bad before we consume it. The kids are gone and we just don’t eat like we used to. But my buying habits haven’t changed. As result our freezer is full as is the freezer in the kitchen fridge. We just had pork loin I bought CHEAP…from 2014…It was great on the grill. We’re trying to “work the freezer down” BUT it seems when we make some room there is a GREAT deal on chicken OR meat…and the space is filled once more. Might be time to do a food buying “fast”…..

  3. My freezer is trying to tell me – get a bitty extra one, so I don’t ice up because you have blocked the vents. My husband however is telling me – not in this lifetime.

    Congrats on doing well and being able to eat what you want. Glad you are happy with the freezer cleaning, and the opportunity to cut back on Costco trips.

  4. It’s kind of amusing because our freezer was so full for a long time that the idea of cleaning it out was too overwhelming. Lately we’ve actually cleared out a good amount of space, so now that there’s less stuff in there, a good cleaning actually seems manageable, so the time may soon be at hand.

  5. When Superstorm Sandy came through in 2012, whatever was left in the freezer that didn’t get eaten during the power outage was tossed. I cleaned the freezer and realized that I didn’t really need it any more since it was just me. The freezer was sold (and that money went to snowflake my mortgage principal) and I am STILL learning how to use just my refrigerator freezer. Habits of a married lifetime are hard to change.

    • LOL! It’s weird what getting “sot in our ways” really adds up to.

      My freezer is small and not very efficient, but it really IS the business.

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