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Why We Pay More for Apple Products…

Customer service. That’s it. That IS the reason to pay more for Apple products. Seriously. Over the past three days, I’ve spent eight hours on the phone with Apple techs. All that time as been (heh) “free”: no one is going to charge me for the time four highly accomplished tech advisers spent on trying to make my MacMail work.

My mail program crashed, big time. Unclear why. Apple’s folk thought it was a hardware problem. A visit from Cox and God only knows how much for a new modem/router showed that it was not. Finally got to a boss-level tech who decided (we hope he’s right) it was a problem with iCloud, not with my hardware. Figuring this out over the phone literally took hours.

Could I have done without a catastrophic crash of my email system? Damn right.

Will I probably abandon the program, one way or the other? Yeah. I suspect that Google is going to be more stable. Right now I have messages forwarded from my business email account — which actually is a Google account, even though it doesn’t end with Messages from famadverts and funny-about-money at gmail accounts also forward to MacMail. They can, after all, be aggregated in a single Google account.

But…it has to be said: Google has exactly zero customer service. So…why would I want to do that?


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