Coffee heat rising

Wow! Another Narrow Escape

Doesn’t this look like charming Downtown Phoenix?  (Well: yeah, it sure does!)

Couple years ago, I very nearly bought a handsome li’l condo just about in the middle of this garden spot.

As usual, I was craving to get away from the Tony Situation. One of the possibilities was to go all the way downtown and buy a place smack in the middle of everything. The development I found — which was, yes, right at this place, offered a brand-new condo just up the street from the Episcopal Cathedral, where I surely could have joined the choir. I wouldn’t even have had to drive to rehearsals…well…assuming I didn’t mind putting my life and my virginity on the line to walk back and forth to the church at night. 😉

Man! Some things are worse than a houseful of juvenile delinquents across the street!


LOL! Narrowly escaped heat exhaustion this afternoon, too. Ruby and I just got back from a late afternoon doggy-walk. Not very far: only about a mile.

But dayum! Thought I was gonna collapse before we got back here. It’s humid enough just now to make the crisp 87-degree afternoon a lot more uncomfortable than expected. The dawg was huffing and puffing and I was drenched by the time we got home.

Adding to the afternoon’s small annoyances… Ruby has a black thing on her upper lip that looks like a mole. Or something. That’s what the vet says it is: nothing to worry about. But to me it looks ominously like a melanoma.

So now I’ve got to drag her to ANOTHER vet, something I would eminently prefer not to do. But…it keeps getting bigger, and it scares the bejayzus out of me. Tomorrow’s Saturday…we’ll see which of the many money-grabbers I can reach tomorrow.