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Wow! Pharmaceutical Overkill and the Average Sheeple

This morning — much, much earlier this morning — I sat down to write a post on over-prescription of blood-pressure drugs for people who have low to mild blood pressure. Started what I thought would be a quick, straightforward search, and…holy sh!t.

It’s huge. Anti-hypertensives form only a tiny part of this issue. Overmedication of Americans — no, make that of people in almost all developed countries — is so rampant and so widespread you could build an entire medical or research career on the subject.

It’s after 11; I’ve been digging and reading and digging and reading since dawn and am only just getting sort of a handle on it. One thing for sure: this is a topic that cannot be addressed in a single blog post, not even in a seat-of-the-pants site like Funny. If I tried to summarize all I’ve found out just in a single morning, I’d be posting toilet paper.

So: I’m going to take some more time to study and think about this stuff — who knows? I may do some actual journalism and conduct a few interviews — and then I will report what I find to you in a series of at least three articles — possibly four.

Just now, though, I have got to stop and think about something else…this stuff makes your brain hurt from your hair standing on end.

Meanwhile, two words: Mediterranean diet. If you’re not already eating well, start now. That is the only strategy to prevent cardiovascular incidents that has been shown to be effective and that causes no harm to some percentage of users.

Watch this space.
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  1. Hmm. Is there another book in the works? 😀 Sounds as though there is enough information out there for one, and then some! Looking forward to hearing your results.

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