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Yakezie Roundup

So, what are those Yakezie folks up to? Thought I’d take a little stroll through that country, and here’s what I came upon:

A lot of stuff is going on over at My Journey to Millions. Evan and Mrs. E are expecting(!), which inspires some existential thinking about wealth, spending, and one’s tastes and character. He also  has an interesting post on defining the client relationship in your side job—or, we might add, in any profession where what you’re selling to a client is essentially your time.

Consumer Boomer has an article of interest to everyone, even those who aren’t yet in the pre-retirement set: Boosting Your Mutual Fund Performance.

With a whole lot of tap-dancing, Little House in the Valley and her DH managed to knock $63 off the monthly recurring bills. w00t!

Over at Out of Debt Again, the incredibly green-thumbed Mrs. Accountability has posted another of her mouth-watering photos of her garden produce. You have to live through a string of 110-degree days to realize what an accomplishment this is. My tomatoes are invariably fried by this time of year. Mrs. A has also begun a series on using Quicken, which starts off with an introduction to the program’s sophisticated ability to download transactions from a bank account.

Frugal Zeitgeist has got a good conversation going with readers over the question of whether we should care where a given consumer product comes from. An expat living in Egypt, FZ has been contemplating cheap places to live, most recently 2010’s cheapest countries.

BTW, Frugal Z— Any way you could shuck the program that sends commenters an e-mail asking them to accept “information” from your mailing list? It’s frustrating to take time to write a comment and then get a “request for information from the [the blogger’s] mailing list,” which apparently will automatically create a subscription.

Miss Thrifty, a lively Brit, has a highly entertaining piece titled “A Week in the Life of Austerity Britain.” Things are rough over there, but maybe not so rough as to keep one from purchasing…what else? The new iPhone. Nevvermind that you may have to patch it with the Home Handyman’s Secret Weapon.

At Cool to Be Frugal, a new baby has arrived. Mwa ha hah! There’ll be some changes made…

My Money Minute gets a conversation going about the scheme to charge shoppers for bags (in D.C., he was charged for a paper bag!). More behavioral legislation, comin’ your way!

Ten p.m. and neither the pooch nor I have had dinner. Time to pack it in, ladies and gents!

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  1. Thanks for the mention and the lovely compliment, Funny! 🙂 The tomatoes are truly mouth watering this year and there are probably another couple hundred on my plants. I might be done experimenting with tomato varieties and stay with these Early Girls, they are recommended for our area and seem to be doing fabulously.

  2. THANKS! The impending pregnancy has made me think about a whole bunch of things. I was just informed we are 167 days away, can you say holy shit!

  3. Some people will always find ways to get the very newest version of any gadget, even if it doesn’t work properly, costs significantly more than it does in the States and even if you are someone in a very shaky job.

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