Coffee heat rising

Yipe? The Perp?

This morning as the dogs were circumnavigating the ’hood with the human in tow, we came across a gent who looked very much like the fellow in the video who jumped over two walls to get at a couple of small children playing in their backyard. The instant I saw him, I thought holee crap! That’s the guy!

He and another BoB (Burglar on Bike) came out of an alley here in the poor folks’ section, riding bikes and bearing backpacks, and proceeded toward Richistan. They crossed Feeder Street N.S. and rolled into the area where the incident occurred. The character in question rode a bike with distinctive bright green wheel rims.

So I called CrimeStop. But I doubt anything will come of it. A cop would have had to be in the ’hood already to catch up with them. They were probably across Main Drag North and well into Methland before a cruiser showed up.

Oh well.

Beautiful weather: great morning for casing a neighborhood. This is the reason we live in Arizona.  🙂

I should do some gardening, but have actual Work work to do before taking time for anything pleasurable. The mâche I planted in a pot never sprouted, so I imagine the seeds were too old. Need to drive up to Home Depot and pick up some chard seeds to fill that pot.

Yesterday La Maya pointed out that the Great Desert University’s much ballyhooed and very ambitious online program (they’re ripping off the University of Phoenix’s business plan) has attracted thousands of would-be majors in subjects no one in their right mind would dream of selecting in the past: psych and history, for example. All of these online courses are taught by adjuncts.

GDU pays adjuncts a little better than the community colleges do ($3300 per course, vs. about $2800). However, adjuncts are limited to two sections per semester. On the other hand, the online courses are only about nine weeks long, so you’d only be teaching one course at a time. But on the third hand, they have no caps on those courses, so a course that meets a gen-ed requirement could dump 400 students on you.

$3300 x 4 comes to less than I was earning in the junior college. But it would amount to a lot less work, especially if you were teaching something other than freshman comp. A course that’s not writing-intensive can be assessed almost solely with machine-graded T/F/Multiple-guess quizzes. Creative writing courses can be set up in BlackBoard or Canvas to ape the “workshop” style that’s been popular for decades: students read and comment on each others’ efforts. Yep: for credit. All the instructor has to do is check in once every week or ten days to be sure each classmate is actually posting the required creative squibs and the required number of comments.

GDU’s courses now sell for around $500 to $1100 per credit hour. Plus (contrary to what that link says) assorted fees.

Here’s one in the English Department: three units of upper-division credit for scoping out the literary journal marketplace. Got that? You pay us to do about four hours of work you could do on your own in a library or at a halfway decent bookstore.

Heh heh heh…speaking of perps… You thought used car dealers are con artists? You aint’ seen nuthin’ yet!