Coffee heat rising

You Thought the Hubs Were Hot?

A-n-n-d…once again: 109 degrees on the shaded back porch, where direct sunlight never intrudes. But this evening we’ve got some overcast blowing in.

That may bode well: rain will break the heat, if only for a few hours. Hmmm…but does it have meaning?

Checking with the beloved Wunderground: Tonight we’re supposed to drop to a chilly 93 degrees; cloudy with SSE winds shifting to N at 15 mpg. Brrr! Tomorrow we have 114 forecast.

Purchased some roach bait this afternoon, but haven’t roused enough ambition to put it out. Ruby the Corgi must not eat it…so…uhmm… Yeah! Gotta figure out how to lay the stuff out so our eight-legged boarders will enjoy snacking on it, while at the same time keeping it out of the pooch’s reach.

Good luck with that!

The rats are merrily ignoring the baited traps. No doubt they think those things are very funny…