Coffee heat rising

Link love

A walloping wind storm blew up this morning, just as my friend and I were heading out for our morning walk. What a sirocco it was! We saw a patio umbrella fly through the air over a neighbor’s roof, like Mary Poppins’s brolly without the Mary. And on my way home, who should I meet but a fire hydrant wearing a bright red hat! A nice one, too, and in practically brand-new condition. I rescued the lost chapeau and brought it home. If no one puts up a “lost” flyer, it’s mine. Believe I’ll give it a purple hat band.

Meanwhile, various things are going on in other parts of the world:

J.D. at Get Rich Slowly finds a secret millionaire living next door.

Five-Cent Nickel starts a conversation on the qualities (or not) of CFLs.

Mrs. Micah opens an envelope and finds a dunning letter from a collection agency-nothing actually due, but the hassle leads her to describe what you should do if you find a collection letter in your mailbox.

Paid Twice has a mellow reflection on the psychology of budgeting.

In the reflection department, Plonkee has posted several lately. Today’s has to do with why one likes one’s job.

SVB at The Digerati Life launches a discussion of why long-term investing beats short-term trading.

Over at the Simple Dollar, Trent is expecting a zillion-dollar tax rebate…well, make that $1,800. And he aint’ buyin’ a TV with it.

At Queercents, Paula has an interesting post on what networking is really all about.

Come to think of it, I’d better get off the Internet and make a reservation for the next book publishers’ association meeting. ‘Bye!