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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Time Suck: You CAN’T avoid it!

Nor can you control it.

Yesterday I received a notice that obliquely clued me to a REAL serious problem: somehow ISBNs that I had assigned to certain titles were wrong, either on Bowker’s end or on mine.

A fruitless discussion with a CSR led to more confusion. He arranged for someone else to get in touch by e-mail.

Before pursuing this fun mess, though, I decided I’d better get it  untangled.

It took the ENTIRE FUCKING MORNING to figure out that

a) Bowker was showing two ISBNs assigned to the e-book version of 30 Pounds;
b) one of those numbers apparently was spurious, bogus, and altogether nonexistent, even though it exists in Bowker’s records; and
c) the ISBN that I’d thought was assigned to Fire-Rider I was NOT assigned to it at all.

 We’re talking about sifting through 110 ISBNs here, and comparing Bowker’s spreadsheet with my spreadsheet, line by line.

By the time I figured out what on earth was going on, or at least what I think is going on, and then dealt with a couple of other hassles, it was after noon.

Oh well.

Finally did get back to writing: I got about three-quarters of the way through one of the two Travelers episodes that I need to write to help complete that series. My freelance co-author has been going to town with the thing whilst I’ve been tangled up in Time Sucks. Today I should be able to finish the story I’m working on and, with any luck, start the next one.

Tomorrow is devoted to time suck. Nothing substantive will get done, at least nothing that I want to get done…

And so, to work.

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