Coffee heat rising


Finally figured out what went wrong with the scheme to upload a chapter at a time of The Complete Writer to the P&S Press blog and then consolidate them into a whole book in its own page at the P&S site: information overload.


Thanks to Grayson Bell, proprietor of iMark Interactive and behind-the-scenes wizard for the FaM digital empire, I learned that there’s a limit to how much data WordPress will tolerate in any given file. And a book-length work far exceeds that limit. Just now the Complete Writer‘s web page is maxing out WordPress with a mere 33,000 words. Total word count for TCW is 77,862…which actually is rather short for a book.

So the plan is to take down the WP content on that page and replace it with PDFs.

This book comprises several sections. So the idea would be to publish each chapter, as usual, in a Friday blog entry, and then when all the chapters in a given section have gone online in the blog, post a PDF holding those chapters. If all a person wanted to know about was writing nonfiction, then, they could simply download that section. But if you want the whole book, you can email me through the contact page and I’ll send you a PDF of the entire magnum opus. (Who would want to miss a single Golden Word?????)

So that will be this morning’s Project of the Day.

Presumably I’ll have to do the same with Ella’s Story and If You’d Asked…  But not today.