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Another Rainy Day Roundup

This weekend another wet storm is drifting in from California. We’re supposed to get rain tomorrow, though it looks suspiciously like we could see that today. And once again the hysterical talking heads on the Play-Nooz tell us to expect cold…ohhhhh! even SNOW IN PHOENIX! Eek.

{gronk} I suppose this means I’ll have to haul all the potted plants back inside the house. Again. Speaking of things meteorological, you see last night’s Need to Know on PBS? Check it out. And do you realize the ideologues in the Montana legislature have proposed, with straight faces, to repeal science? No joke: read it and weep. LOL! Who would’ve thunk a legislator could be even dumber than the specimens in Arizona?

Sorta like repealing the Ten Commandments because we don’t agree with them. I love it! If this kind of stupidity weren’t merrily leading to the destruction of our republic, it would be hilarious!

Oh well. At least I won’t be here to see much of it. You young pups and your children will be the ones at the barricades. While we’re breaking out the fiddles, though, let’s see what’s going on in the blogosphere.

Ran across a new-to-me site called 101 Centavos, whose proprietor has a nice narrative voice and a propensity for posting entertaining copy. This piece on the joys of buying new furniture struck a nerve with his readers, eliciting a ton of commentary.

Speaking of your kids, Money Beagle came up with three good ways to save on disposable diapers. Another new dad, Evan at My Journey to Millions, contemplates the hidden and not-so-hidden costs of homeownership.

Meanwhile, Revanche, having agonized at A Gai Shan Life about whether, when, and how to move the aged parents in with herself and PiC, posts a moving story about her mother and her mother’s influence on her.

At A Digerati Life, SVB kindly offers an array of ideas for box lunches that don’t involve sandwiches. Much appreciated…I’ve never been fond of sandwiches. These sound great.

Did you know Google offers a service that lets you make and receive phone calls for free? Yes, even over a phone, not a computer. Bargain Babe explains how.

Money Crush asks what is the strangest thing you’ve ever done for money. Heh heh…reminds me of some of SDXB’s antics.

The recession ain’t over yet at the Accountability household. Mrs. Accountability reflects on the present spate of hard times at Out of Debt Again.

At the Ultimate Money Blog, Mrs. Money finds she and Mr. Money have different philosophies when it comes to stocking in food. She calculates ways to build a grocery budget that will work for them both.

Donna Freedman has another one of her amazing giveaways at Surviving and Thriving. Hurry to sign up: deadline is Monday!

Meanwhile, Donna’s daughter Abby, over at I Pick Up Pennies, has been wrestling with the many headaches occasioned by the insurance company’s totalling their car after an encounter with one of Arizona’s famed homicidal drivers.

At Bargaineering, Jim wonders what readers think about retailers’ asking customers to divulge their zip codes.

March Madness continues at Free Money Finance. About this time is when things heat up. Be sure to go over there and vote for your favorites.

At Get Rich Slowly, guest blogger Gary Arndt has a very interesting post on maximizing the value of your cost-of-living dollar by moving overseas. This is a strategy I’ve considered more than once, and as costs here start to rise with little or no hope of fixed-income sources increasing, it begins to look more appealing.

Over Forty and Loving It reflects on the overmedicating of Americans, to which one can only say amen, sister!

At Brip Blap, Steve reflects on what, for lack of a better word, might best be called blogger’s block. Is there one among us who does not know whereof he speaks?

Speaking of blogger’s block, Steve’s piece reminds me that it’s 9:30, I’ve been sitting here since 6:00 a.m., I’m hungry, and the sun is finally coming out. Bye, all!

6 thoughts on “Another Rainy Day Roundup”

  1. RE the live abroad idea: Have you thought about teaching English abroad for a year or two? That’s what we would do if our jobs were to evaporate. Of course, we don’t have a doggie to worry about.

  2. @ frugalscholar: That’s an interesting idea. Are you thinking about picking up adjunct positions (or whatever the equivalent is) at universities? Or getting jobs with proprietary schools? Or even just freelancing, as it were?

    There are some countries where you can take your dog. Actually, I could take Cassie into Mexico. I’d need to have her vaccination record with me to get her back into the U.S., but that’s pretty easy. If there weren’t a near-civil war going on in Mexico, I’d seriously think about moving down there. An American can live like royalty on Social Security, and apparently if you have some money it’s even possible to get sort of decent medical care, at least around Mexico City.

  3. Hi Funny, thanks for the link and the kind words. And good work on the roundup to boot, I hadn’t read some (many) of the featured blogs. A reminder to get out more.

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