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Charley Crisis, Continued…

So my son called in a sweat late this afternoon, having discovered a mysterious wound on the crippled Charley’s back.

I drove down to his place and helped inspect. It looked like a scrape that had started to suppurate. We cut the hair out of the area, washed it, called the vets at the emergency hospital. They advised taking the dog to our regular vet.

On reflection, it appears this injury probably happened when Charley laid down on the kitchen floor, pressing himself tight against the corner of a kitchen cabinet. I observed his doing that last night but figured if he were uncomfortable, he would move.

That, obviously, was wrong: it appears large areas of his back and probably his shoulders are so numb he can’t feel much.

He can walk a few steps at a time; haul himself to his feet; with great difficulty lever himself down to the floor. But he’s badly crippled. The Show Low vet opined that he had suffered neurological damage, which may never clear up.

To make everything perfect, the emergency vet hospital did not understand that M’hijito does not live in Show Low, so faxed all their records up to that guy! This despite having been told who the local vet is and that the local vet referred him to them!


So tomorrow we’re probably taking the dog to the local regular vet. Assuming we can get an appointment. I’m going down to M’hijito’s house to babysit the dog, since he really has to go back to work, having taken several days off on the pretext of “working at home.” He’s found that working at home isn’t working for him and says he needs to go back to the office so he can do his job.

Charley can’t be left alone, and he can’t be driven around in a car — so he can’t be delivered to and picked up from my house, meaning the dog will have to be babysat at M’hijito’s house.

He seems a little better to me today, but my son doesn’t seem to think so.

My feeling is that if he’s going to get better, it will take five or six weeks (at least). I hope that will happen. But I think we have to bear in mind that he may never recover.


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  1. How awful! So sorry to hear….
    Keep us posted. Hugs to Charlie. ❤️

  2. Sorry to hear that Charley’s crisis has not shown definite signs of improving.

    I feel the urge to point out that when one is considering downsizing or moving into townhome or an apartment that adding yet a THIRD dog might not be the best plan. It can be hard enough finding housing with one mediun dog, as son’s ex found out and then had to exchange dogs – she ended up with the more likeable dog, and son ended up having to find a new home for the dog he had – too big for their small townhome with 2 adults and an infant that soon became 2 infants.

    Misery liking company, I am not unhappy to hear that you are finding cutting back on ‘puter time somewhat difficult. I need to do something – starting with getting rid of the emails from various sellers that I enjoy looking at not buying from and then cutting back on game time spent LOL Of course somewhere in there I really need to get rid of house stuff that is clogging up things.

    Good luck to you, M’hijito, and Charley.

    • Today he actually IS beginning to look better. I spent the whole morning babysitting at Casa M’hijito and then went back at mid-afternoon to check on His Dogship.

      He’s still pretty gimpy — and may be so for the rest of his life — but he IS getting up, walking around, sponging food. He actually COUNTERSURFED, to my son’s horror. He’s peeing and pooping normally, no blood, no nausea, nothing like that. And this afternoon he inhaled dog food and doggy water. Truly, I think with rest and generous loving-up, he’s going to be OK.

      Now, whether my son ever recovers from this trauma remains to be seen… 😀

      Three dogs. Isn’t that a terrifying prospect?

      ln fact, I wouldn’t consider another pooch unless one of these two croaked over, a prospect that appears highly unlikely for the near term. And y’know, i sure don’t want to move. I love my neighbors and my house and my yard and yes, even the PITA (but cool soothing great exercising) pool.

      On the emails that I secretly would like to peek at before trashing: see if you can set up a mailbox that you can send that sort of thing to, so that all that you see at first glance is stuff from friends and clients, and then whenever you’re in the mood you can peruse the less urgent stuff. I now have three such mailboxes:

      1. Incoming from people who matter (son, friends, paying clients)
      2. Time-consuming amusements that can be deferred (Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and Nextdoor notifications by the bazillion)
      3. Total absolute trash from people who deserve to be tossed off the end of the dock

      This is working. When I’m bored or have a few spare moments, I’ll look at Category 2. Those that I’ve checked or that annoy get moved into Category 3. Once very couple months, I delete everything in Category 3. MacMail allows you to set up “Rules” to categorize incoming this way, and also to mark true spam as “junk,” condemning the sender to eternal invisibility.

  3. I’m so sorry – how frightening for the little guy! Glad to hear he seems to be on the mend.

    • Thanks! My son says the pooch seems to be about 80% recovered now. That’s pretty amazing, considering that one would have expected it to take about 6 or 8 weeks to reach the point where he could get up easily and walk around almost normally.