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DIY Deodorant

Moving on from the Great Desert University to ever so much more important topics, check out this recipe for homemade deodorant. Came across the link at Over the Cubicle Wall, a site whose proprietor seems to be a person after my own heart, via Frugal Scholar‘s blogroll.

Like the whole DIY destinker idea. I’m allergic to most commercial deodorants. Have been known to use plain baking soda, but it’s messy and gritty. A friend has tried one of those crystals; they’re said to work pretty well, but they also are messy: you have to get it wet and then it gets you wet.

Right now I’m using Tom’s, a reasonably benign brand you can get at Sprouts and Whole Foods. Sometimes other items in the Tom’s line appear in mainline stores (spotted the toothpaste in Target the other day!), but more often you have to seek them at New-Agey and health-foodish retailers. And the deodorant is really hard to find.

OMG! Cassie the Corgi just threw a rope toy, spinning end-over-end, about four feet over her head and caught it on the down-sweep. Now she’s throwing the thing at me. I guess she wants me to get up, eh?

This dog is bar none the smartest animal I’ve ever had around me. She actually has learned to pitch a ball into my waiting hands.

And so, off to the playing fields. Happy Easter Egg to everyone!

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  1. I, also, am allergic to most store-bought deodorants, but I found the best one! I don’t know where to get it in the States, but when my friend goes to Canada, he picks it up. It’s called Dr. Mist Body Hygiene Flotation Fluid Spray. Good stuff 🙂

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