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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Dog Dunes

You think I exaggerate, don’t you, with that turn of phrase? Really?

Yes. That is from one (1) twenty-pound dog. A mound of hair larger than Ruby’s head!

Is there any question why I seem to be developing an allergy to dog hair?

Well. Yes, there is. This being lovely uptown Arizona, great swaths of dust accumulate on the floors, too. I dust the floors every day… And here’s the accumulation of one (1) twenty-four-hour period:

Yup. As a practical matter, even more dust than dog hair has settled in the course of one day. And nothing is going on. The air is perfectly still: no breezes blowing, no monsoons wailing, nary a soul tracking in and out of the house.

Arizona. It’s where you come to find out what your allergies are.


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  1. It’s amazing to think how many sweaters you could knit with all that hair.

    • Isn’t it! You know, when I was a young thang in Southern California, my mother and I once went to a dog show where we came across a woman who bred German shepherds and who did EXACTLY that! She would gather up the dawg hair, somehow have it cleaned (how, I cannot imagine, because it wouldn’t cohere like sheep’s wool), spin it into yarn, and knit it into shawls and sweaters, which she was selling at the show.

      The result garments looked a lot like they were made of mohair.

      Hmmmmmm…. Maybe I could spin this stuff into yarn and peddle it as “organic”…. 😀