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Got a Kid Going to College? Read This

If your kids attend a college or university — or if you do — you need to read this book.

IMG_3006College students or their parents face endless tuition increases. Do you know what their tuition is buying — and not buying?

Sixty to eighty percent of college instructors are not professors at all. They’re underpaid, often marginally qualified part-time adjuncts. In the brave new world of academe, few American students get what they pay for when they arrive at college. Meanwhile, graduate programs churn out thousands of would-be college faculty with master’s and doctoral degrees, few of whom ever land full-time jobs in higher ed.

Full-time faculty are systematically being replaced by part-timers with no office, no computer, no phone, no insurance, no retirement, no representation, and sub-minimum wage pay.

This book explains the consequences, short- and long-term, of replacing professors with part-timers and chronicles one adjunct’s semester in America’s largest community college district.

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  1. And yet the cost goes up astronomically. Something has to give here one of these days.

  2. Something has already given: professional full-time faculty. Your kids are not being taught by professors. They’re being taught by part timers. Uber drivers!

  3. It is an epidemic….Under the heading of SAD….is the demonstration by students at one of our local private liberal arts schools (McDaniel) who must endure yet ANOTHER tuition increase. The meal plan was increased by $300 alone …. and the administration blamed it on the fact that the kitchen staff unionized….I swear it is in print. It seems tuition increases every year BUT no one seems t know where the money goes…. Aaaaand the salary for the President of this fine institution…..$460K+ not counting benefits….As you so aptly point out….the system is broken! “1/2 a mill a year”…Mr. Obama doesn’t make that!

  4. I’d like to read this