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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

How Much Does a Politician Cost?

Ever think how fine it would be to own an elected representative? Just think of what you could get done! Advance your idea of what should be the nation’s agenda…spread moral probity across the land…make the world safe for (your) business…to say nothing of getting invited to a lot of great dinners in DC. Wow! The benefits boggle the mind.

Well, it may not cost as much as you think. Here we have a list of candidates for federal office supported by the Koch brothers — very interesting. Some are pretty pricey: a Republican from Kansas cost the Kochs upwards of $105,800. But others have much more reasonable price tags. Here’s a Democrat from Delaware who went for a mere $250 — less than a year’s worth of lattes, no doubt. Quite a few are in the $1,000 range, not out of the question, given the ROI.

Amusing, isn’t it?

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.
Corporations are people.

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  1. Very timely Funny….I’m with ya on the corporations are people…what??? We have truely lost our way as a Nation….IMHO. Here’s where I’m at …Ray Rice…an athlete…strikes his then GF now wife…admits to it …apologizes…accepts responsibility and punishment and enters counseling. Then new video comes out of the same incident and a new round of punishment is doled out. And everyone is outraged…BUT a few years back the President of the US had sexual relations with an intern not much older than his daughter, denies it, lies under oath, evidence proves he lied under oath…a felony if I’m not mistaken if you or I lie to the Grand Jury…And yet he is not thrown out of office but is allowed to complete his term. And today is considered an elder statesman whose wife will be President if she wants. It makes me sick… Is it me or have we as a Nation lost our way?

    • Ugh! We’re left wondering if we ever knew our way to begin with, eh?

      Isn’t the current furor over the leniency of the penalty? After all, this is a hulking jock who knocked a woman out and then dragged her unconscious body out of the elevator. Nice that he entered counseling…but why is he out there serving as a role model for would-be young jocks and cranking more money per year than you or I will ever see in our lifetimes? Back in the Early Pleistocene, when I grew up, boys were taught never to hit girls.

      And speaking of girls…WGAS who POTUS diddles, as long as the participants are consenting adults? To my mind, the whole flap came under the heading of “none of anybody’s business but Clinton’s, his wife’s, and the doxie’s.” Consider all the other presidents who indulged the same privilege before the press lost track of ordinary discretion.

      The lying is another matter… On the other hand, it occurred during a civil suit, not before a Grand Jury. And the whole pointless, sordid distraction should never have come before Congress, whose members apparently have little of importance to do with their time.

  2. Hmmm. My thought is Mr. Rice did a terrible thing, and I believe both had been drinking…still no excuse, but my point is he did not deny wrong doing. And one could make the argument that THIS was a personal matter…and the young lady that was struck was so upset…she married Mr. Rice. The local authorities had closed the chapter on the incident…the NFL had reviewed the incident and closed the chapter. But then after video footage is revealed new punishment for Mr. Rice…In other words more punishment for the same “crime”.
    As for Mr. Clinton…this was not a personal matter. This young lady was an intern at the Whitehouse not a gal he met at IHOP. He was in a position of power being the President and used it with this intern. Then to add insult to injury…he lies about it… in the media…and under oath…several times. Mr. Clinton was hired to do a job…not have sex in the oval office…and I never had thought this a distraction. Several Presidential campaigns went in the ditch when “distractions” surfaced…Gary Hart?…Couple of things I was taught growing up…never hit a girl…never lie….and never ever lie while under oath…It appears this doesn’t apply to all equally….

    • There’s something to both of those. Any way you look at it, one surely does feel that as a polity we’re skateboarding toward the gates of Hell.

      LOL! I used to say to SDXB that I feel like a Roman matron watching the empire slouch toward collapse. Interestingly, the Eastern Empire fell to the Ottoman Turks…. Hm.

  3. I too feel like there is a direct parallell between the fall of Rome and the US. The most striking IMHO the massive stadiums built in Roman times for athletic events….very similiar to these jumbo stadiums constructed today. You think it’s bad here? How would you like to be England? That once mighty empire now appears to hang by a thread as the Scotts get ready to vote to be independent. I have spoke to some folks from England…things are not good there…

    • Oh, my. Even 30 years ago, when I spent a fair amount of time living in London and traveling around the country to work on my dissertation, life for the Brits seemed in many ways constrained. I hate to think of the effect the Great Recession may have had.

      When you took the cultural differences into consideration, it felt less that way. But still: the cost of basic necessities was just blinding, made that way largely by the VAT but no doubt by other factors I didn’t yet understand. There were many tradeoffs, not the least of which were a) London itself and its amazing cultural and intellectual blandishments; b) the beautiful country; and c) once you got outside of London, the uniquely delightful character of the English (and the Scots, and the Welsh). You sure do pay for those tradeoffs, though.