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How to Game the Coupon System

CVS drugstore gameAmanda Grossman, proprietor of Frugal Confessions, has published an interesting and informative e-book explaining, in full detail, how to work coupons from CVS Pharmacies to get free or nearly free goods. Enthusiasts call this the CVS game, and so, appropriately enough, Amanda has titled her book The CVS Drugstore Game: Strategies to Turn Pocket Change into Thousands of Dollars Worth of Free Products.

If you’ve never tried the drugstore game, you really should take a look at this thing. Even if you’re not especially interested in power-couponing at the corner pharmacy, you should see it. The book is a real tour de force.

I knew some couponing aficionados were doing this, but until I read Amanda’s book I had no idea how they pull it off — and do so with a minimum of clipping. The strategies Amanda describes have, of course, a natural appeal to us frugalistas. They would be especially useful for consumers with large families, and also for groups of friends or neighbors who band together to buy products in large quantities by way of generating large savings.

Well worth the $4.99!

2 thoughts on “How to Game the Coupon System”

  1. Thank you very much for the review! I really appreciate it, and a glad to have opened your eyes a bit on the drugstore game. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a review on, that would be super helpful as well (I don’t want to take up too much of your time though).

    Here’s to great future savings!

    • I’d love to, Amanda. I’m in a lot of pain right now from WhateverTF is wrong with my back and so trying to shave every single possible minute from time spent in front of the computer, but will try to do so when I can.

      Readers? Would you pls take a look at this book and leave a mention at Amazon? Also those of you who are members of Goodreads — if you like the book, don’t be shy about saying so.

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