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How to Know When It’s Time to Clean Out the Garage…

It’s time to clean out the garage when…

You can’t find your (expensive!!!!) masonry bit, but you can find an old package of box nails whose label looks like it’s vintage 1948.

You find an empty bandaid box sitting on a shelf amongst a litter of loose nails, screws, and bolts.

A mysterious green squirt bottle is laying on its side behind a bunch of junk. You examine it: Deep Woods Off! You haven’t visited the deep woods since your thirty-something son was in the fifth grade.

You discover a roll of vine ties hiding among several rolls of duct tape and electrical tape. The vines died about nine years ago.

You find a Phillips-head screwdriver bit for your drill, sitting at the back of a shelf in its unopened plastic baggie. You still haven’t found the masonry bit.

You unearth a plastic bag, emblazoned with instructions on how to suffocate yourself or your kids, containing a bunch of gray plastic square things, a baggie full of screws and brackets, and four double-sided stickers. You have no idea what these objects are or what function they could possibly serve.

You find a rat trap and an unopened box of rat bait that you intended to return to Home Depot, if and when you could ever find the receipt. The neighbor murdered the last of the local roof rats about three years ago.

You think cleaning the garage sounds a great deal more fruitful than riding herd on clownish students.

Hm. That last one may not be strictly relevant to garage messes. More, one would expect, to the mess that is our educational system. Oh well.

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Five-Cent Nickel has a nice post on when to haggle. I hate it, myself…that’s one reason I drive a 12-year-old car: few things are more repellent than the prospect of having to argue with another Toyota salesman!

Speaking of repellent, my head hurts. Think I’ve got another migraine (or a revisitation of the first one). And so, away!

5 thoughts on “How to Know When It’s Time to Clean Out the Garage…”

  1. Every so often I get that weird urge to clean some room out…I almost instantaneously regret it as soon as I realized my initial actions have made a bigger mess than the organized chaos that existed prior

  2. And that is how you end up with several identical bits… A major garage clean out is due for us, but we keep putting it off because it’s a bit of a cookie problem that we don’t quite want to get into yet.

    Glad you liked Mr. PoP’s post!

  3. Haha, you should only fear me if you cut me off in a dark alley and have a gun on you. Then things’ll get ugly, lol! Well, I think it’s safe to say that my garage needs to be cleaned out. But I like to hold on to old bolts, screws, and nuts because I always think I’ll need them. And someitmes I do! But old, empty boxes of things? Yeah, I guess those could go.

  4. We did a full on garage cleaning this summer. We took practically every item out of the garage (except for the 300 lb workbench) and then had to deal with either putting it somewhere or getting rid of it. Was very fruitful. I expect we’ll probably repeat every year though since we cleaned out five years worth of accumulated stuff, hopefully it won’t be as big a job moving forward.

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