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Humane, inexpensive dog collar


Annoying harness

Yesterday M’hijito and I went in search of a small but reasonably easy-to-use harness for Cassie the Corgi. Her collar is loose enough that she can easily slip it, and I realized that if our coyote friend had noticed her instead of being intent on some other prey, she might have wriggled loose during a confrontation and tried to run off. That would have been the end of her.

Well, we went into PetSmart, not one of my favorite emporiums, and there we tried on a nylon harness. The part that slips over the dog’s head and is supposed to encircle the chest and shoulders needed to be adjusted. In our efforts to do that, we ended up making it tighter around her neck. So tight, in fact, that I could barely fit my finger under it. Try as we might, we could not loosen it! I finally had to take my jackknife out of my purse (alarming my son, who thought we’d be arrested) (all right, all right, it does look a little fierce and you could think it’s a Mexican switchblade) (but it’s not!)and cut the dog out of the stupid thing. So that was $9.50 for nothing, and a customer lost permanently to PetSmart.

So, to the Internet. The harnesses that operate simply are training devices. Cassie doesn’t really need a training device. She just needs something that won’t slip off her head.

Greyhounds, I recalled belatedly, have bullet-shaped heads that moot the value of a regular buckle collar. To get around that, you use a martingale: a collar with two loops, one of which slides, so that when the dog exerts pressure on it, the collar tightens. Because the martingale is made of nylon or fabric ribbon, it doesn’t jerk or pinch the dog the way a chain collar does. It does, however, work effectively to keep a sighthound from dragging you down the street in chase of cats, birds, and flying plastic bags. Works on a German shepherd, too… And, BTW, if you have a clue how to train a dog, it’s far more humane than chains and pinch collars.

Duh! Sighthounds come in many sizes. Italian greyhounds are chihuahua-sized, and whippets are the size of Cassie: around 25 pounds. Somebody, somewhere, must be making martingales for smaller dogs.

Yea, verily! Google “martingale collar” and up comes a raft of sites, many of them by people who are hand-crafting the things. You can get them much cheaper at Petco (Petsmart doesn’t seem to carry them), but the ones in the chain brick-and-mortars are just plain, ugly nylon things. Greyhound lovers really get into crafts for their dogs, and some of them make gorgeous collars.This outfit, so far, is my favorite. Problem is, I can’t make up my mind! Check these out, if you will, and tell me which would be your preference.

Here’s the dog, brown and white:


And here are the coveted collars:


Bronze lotus

Bronze lotus

Bronze dragon

Bronze dragon

Blue cherry blossom

Blue cherry blossom

Brown dragon

Brown dragon

Which one would you choose? Click on an image to see it in all its enlarged glory.

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  1. Brown dragon or blue cherry blossom, if we’re going purely with color coordination. Which one were you thinking? How can you make up your mind?!

  2. Brown dragon or bronze lotus get my vote! You’ll have to have a fashion shoot after you choose and post the pics! Left behind pug has a regular nylon harness. Not nearly so glam!

  3. I’m voting for the brown dragon model – gorgeous. Whatever you go with, I want to see a pic of the adorable Cassie in her new gear.

  4. Well, I have 36 cents to last until next Thursday. So on that day the great pent-up craving to spend will be (heh!) unleashed, and that’s when the choice will need to be made. I like all of them, which is why I can’t make up my mind. Not sure but what blue may be too much of a contrast with her overall brown and white…maybe if she was ALL brown or ALL white? I think the red thing would be pretty on her, though the mille-fiore effect is kinda busy. Just now I’m tending toward either the bronze lotus or the brown dragon; wish I could get these things as jewelry for humans. 🙂

  5. the brown dragon one – enough of a contrast with her fur color but she still ‘coordinates’.

    my second choice is the blue – high contrast.