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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke


LOL! This all turned out (well…so far) for the better.

My friend La Bethulia kindly gave me an out-dated iPhone, she having updated hers a couple times since she bought this one.

Hot diggety! All we had to do was clear all her data off of it and then get the thing to connect me, magically, to some sort of service. Which service, I have no clue.

Well, doesn’t that sound simple?

Well…no. Nope. Not at-tall.

Finally, after about a 40-minute wait, I got an Apple tech on the phone. She ascertained that the problem is, the phone not only is set up to take her secret code, it has to be confirmed with a fingerprint!


Well, we did find that one of the two codes La B. guessed was the passcode actually IS the passcode, so that’s progress. We now have an appointment over the noon hour on Monday to traipse to Scottsdale to try to get this done. Between now and then, I guess I’ll have to figure out what carrier I want, something about which I have no clue and no desire for a clue.

{sigh} I hate these technohassles.

So I’m hoping that by Monday I’ll have my very first iPhone, and that from there I’ll be able to learn how to work it.

Never could learn how to use the Android phone that was my first foray into the cell phone jungle. So we shall see. This at least will not cost me an arm and a leg: if it’s another FAIL, that will make it slightly less aggravating. But they say iPhones are the easiest of these gadgets for old buzzards to learn. AND Apple stores give lessons in working the iPhone. Free.


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  1. Good luck with the iPhone. A friend gifted me with one of her older ones a couple months back and frankly, I’ve had such a hassle getting used to my new PC, I just don’t need the additional aggravation of dealing with any more new tech right now. I REALLY don’t.
    I’m glad you had a enjoyable Turkey Day, I did too. I had a Friendsgiving last year as well and they are so much less stressful than dealing with family, it ain’t EVEN funny! My family’s not bad, what’s left of them, it’s just that I’m not particularly close to them, I dislike the 2-hour round trip, and I hate having to watch my language. ;o)

    • LOL! Yes, our friends used to gather AFTER Thanksgiving for the annual TGTGIO celebration: that’s “Thank God Thanksgiving Is Over.” 😀 We would have a magnificent feast whose only requirement was that it could NOT include turkey. Fowl or human…

      My relatives would make you crazy. My father married this ridiculous woman who thought she was amazingly smart…but from my point of view was dumb as a post. She was doctrinaire and narrow-minded and certain that Richard Nixon was the best thing that ever happened to America. Yeah: one of those. My step-sister was actually very smart — a superior court judge — but her taste in husbands was about as good as her taste in mothers: the guy was stupid as a post, too, and an MCP of the first water. I remember that the first thing I saw when I entered her home for the first time was a pamphlet whose title read “What the ERA Will Do To American Women.”

      Every year we were invited to their house for TG dinner, and we really couldn’t come up with an excuse to get out of it. So finally we began announcing we simply had to visit Dear MiL in Grand Junction. Yes. That’s right: we would drive TWELVE HOURS IN EACH DIRECTION to avoid the dreaded Thanksgiving dinner with these good Christ-ee-an folk.

      MiL would drive me crazy, too — she was doctrinaire in the OTHER direction. But she was a lot less crazy-making than that band of loonies. Especially the stepmother…she was the sort of person who made you understand where the archetype of the wicked stepmother came from. At least MiL, for all her extreme opinions and wacky ideas, was a decent human being.

      I’m not looking forward to yet another techno-learning curve. But from what I can tell, apparently the iPhone is less painful than most others. And the PC…even my son, who is very clever technologically, complains about Microsoft products and would have another Apple computer if he could afford it. Hm. Maybe I should buy him a MacBook for Christmas??? First, we rob a bank…

      The major saving grace of Apple is its customer support. That is now THE reason I buy Apple products. Their staff is worth the cost of their devices.

  2. You might check out Red Pocket for prepaid phone service. It’s a reseller, and you can choose ATT, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile networks for your iPhone. We have had it for a year and are very satisfied. Their live chat customer service is much better than phone or email contacts for technical help.

    • We shall see. My son says that if La B. bought it from Verizon, it can only be used on Verizon (or on whatever comm company peddled it) and the monthly bill starts at around $80. I can’t afford that. So if $80 is the what it takes to operate one of these things, obviously I can’t have one. Ohhh well.