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Ikea break!

M’hijito called early this afternoon to ask if I’d like to drive with him to the far side of the galaxy, for the purpose of visiting Ikea. The real, ulterior motive was to get my car, not me, to go with him: I have a van; he drives a rickety, out-of-production Toyota sportsoid car.

Couldn’t have called at a better moment. About forty-five minutes earlier, I had somehow managed to hit exactly the right mystery keyboard command to screw up six hours’ worth of work on the Carnival of Personal Finance. 

To start with, as usual the thing is about the size of the Andromeda galaxy. Then I got this bright idea about all these photos that oooooohhhh yes, I just had to download and plug into the post. Each of these dorked up spacing here and there, which had to be fixed by trial and error, because in WordPress WYSINQWYG (What You See Is Not Quite What You Get). After hours of lovingly fiddling around, I sat back and sighed: a true work of art! It was gorgeous. It was beautiful. It was freaking perfect!

Then…damndamndamn!…my fingers slipped on the keyboard. I have no idea what set of keys I hit, but it was at least four of them. The image on the monitor jumped, jiggled, did a little belly-dance…and settled into something that looked kinda strange.

Whatever th’heck I did, it 

• deleted every hard and soft return after every single unwrapped line;
• deleted the last image I’d entered, which I’d placed three from the end;
 undid the reformatting I’d done to the three images following the now-disappeared image;
• returned the red coloring on the little Editor’s Favorites heart symbols to black;
• undid the formatting I’d carefully instilled to force several entries to wrap around other images without looking stupid; AND…
• saved the result! 


Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z

And Hal: stop calling me “Dave”!

Well, no amount of Ctrl-Zing would restore the disappeared formatting and data. So I had to do all that over…it took about two hours.

If it had crashed the file after performing its reformatting antics, that would have been fine—I had saved just seconds before. Resuscitation from an unsaved version would have been a lot easier. Thought I wuz gunna die!

So all this made a junket to a crowded, crazy-making box store full of cut-rate merchandise sound good. 

M’hijito has been needing a bed, some bookshelves for his office, and a little table for beside the bed for lo! these past two or three years. He finally gave up on saving up enough to buy the Danish furniture he craves—on sale, it was over $3,000. That’s more than he wants to spend, under the best of conditions, when a) he wants to go to graduate school and b) he needs to preserve savings to maintain the albatross of a house his mother got him into. So, despite having resolved never to allow another stick of Ikea furniture into his home, he caved.

He did pretty well, IMHO: For $500, he scored a decent-looking platform bed, a matching side table, a seven-foot bookcase, a child’s low-to-the-ground table to hold the gigantic printer his father gave him, a colander, some CFLs, a couple of rugs, and a few other small kitchen items. 

So that brightened the day. The Carnival is now ready to go up tomorrow morning…it won’t, of course, because WP thinks 03:06 May 31, when it’s really 19:06. So I’ll have to fiddle with it whenever I get out of bed on June 1, if I live that long. Having been up since 3:00 a.m. and having worked or trudged around Ikea every single minute since then, I intend to drug myself with antihistamines by way of trying to sleep until dawn.

Which reminds me: I forgot the laundry in the dryer and I haven’t washed the sheets yet. And so…to work.

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  1. You seem to run WordPress 2.7.1. If you go to your ‘Posts -> Edit’ screen and select the post, you should see several versions under the ‘Post revisions’ header.
    It won’t help you this time, but for a future problem maybe?

    • @Tanja Thanks! I looked in posts > edit but don’t see a “post revisions” header. I know that if you update the post it will show you dates and times you hit “update.” But retroactively I’m not spotting it. Hmmm…tantalizing!

  2. P.S. to Tanja: Waitaminit! By golly, I found it! It’s all the way at the bottom of the “Edit” page, and it does show a bunch of versions that got saved in the past. Doesn’t look like you can break into them to edit them, but you can click “Restore”, which presumably would bring back lost copy.


    Given that you can experience a mysterious corruption of your file (undoubtedly caused my a certain user’s error…), this is all the more reason to hit “save” frequently.

  3. Hurray!

    You can reorganise all those sections by click-and-dragging the header (the one that says ‘Post Revisions’). The post revisions will only show what you have saved (which seemed to have happened from the looks of you description), which means you can try out a few things and click ‘preview’ to see if it works well. I *think* when you click preview it also saves, but not sure, have to try it out.

    I’m still trying to figure out what keys you must have hit, cause, boy, that did something big 😉

    • @ Tanja: It probably was a command-option, command-control, command-shift (or a combination thereof) plus one or two other letter keys. I suppose there’s always the chance of a coincidence: it could be that some sort of glitch between here and the server — or even in the server — corrupted the file and the very moment my dainty little fingers slipped on the keyboard. But knowing me, user error is about a 99.999% probability.