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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Moments of Fame

Mama Bear hosts the Make It from Scratch Carnival at I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill, where Funny’s squib on substituting laundry detergent for dish detergent appears. On two of my favorite subjects, make-it-yourself dog food and bizarre chemicals in processed food, Condo Blues tells how to make apple & banana doggie treats…and in passing reveals that some baby foods contain corn syrup (!). Speaking of treats, The Sojourner posts some to-die-for photos and a link to a recipe for chocolate-peanut butter ice cream, with some added blandishments of her own. Check out the amazing idea for green tomato pie at The Homestead Blogger, and All Rileyed Up’s easy frozen banana treats. Money Blue Book explains an elaborate system for extracting free products from drugstores, using coupons and rebates.

Value for Your Life hosts the 145th Festival of Frugality; Funny’s squib on the least important bill appears here. Master Your Card tells an astonishing story about life in his apartment complex—good grief! Paid Twice gets an interesting conversation going with a post on school fund-raising tactics. Speaking of school, even though Broke Grad Student has graduated, he’s still blogging; check out ten ways college students can score free food. Our Four Pence Worth has a nice rumination on doing with air-conditioning, leading one to reflect that many a generation before ours survived just fine without chilling down a box to live in during the summer.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my post on your blog! I want to mention that not all baby foods (and I’m talking non-organic/natural here) use corn syrup as a sweetner. I noted it and mentioned it because my dog has corn allergies so I have to avoid making food for him that contains corn starch, corn meal, corn syrup, and corn oil. If I make something for him and forget and use corn oil for example, I’ll end up with a itchy dog who will scratch himself bald. And that’s not pretty. 🙂

    Also, I’ve read up on the corn syrup vs. high-fuctose corn syrup thing. CS and HFCS are not the same thing. Corn Syrup is lower in suger than HFCS and is considered OK (I verified with a nutrionist) unlike HFCS.

  2. That’s interesting.

    Your dog is far from alone in being allergic to corn. Corn is one of the worst offenders among potential canine allergens. Some dogs can’t digest it at all. Yet, amazingly, corn is one of the main ingredients in most commercial dog foods!

    Another common allergen for dogs is fish. But some very expensive, very fancy premium dog foods proudly feature salmon and other fish among their ingredients.

    I’ve found my dogs do a great deal better on a balanced diet of real food from the grocery store than they do on commercial animal feed.