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Moments of Fame

Greener Pastures hosts a huge 174th Carnival of Personal Finance and kindly includes Funny’s hand-wringing rumination on how to prepare for the alleged coming layoff (about which we should hear today, BTW, assuming there is any such thing). Neat Columbus Day theme with nifty illustrations! This week’s carnival contains so many wonderful posts, it’s hard to figure out which to point to. Five-Cent Nickel begins a lively conversation on the long-term effects of steady investing and how (or whether) it works to recover from a downturn. Harvesting Dollars has a rumination on whether (and how much) to fund a kid’s college education. Andy at Saving to Invest posts an eye-opener about what it costs to fire an employee in various countries—and how cheap it is to do so in the US. On one of my fave topics, consumer psychology, check out Julie Sherrier’s interesting post at Taking Charge on the rationale behind minimum payments. Be sure to visit the carnival to enjoy the many, many other excellent posts.

At Stop the Ride, Stephanie has posted the Make It from Scratch Carnival with a lovely fall colors theme. Ah, to live in a place where they have actual seasons! Funny’s recipe for white bean salad appears this week. Those who live in cooler climes should check out One Krusty Mama’s hearty and delicious smokey shepherd pie, which sounds like true autumn fare.

Whoa!and hold the phone! While you’re exploring Make It from Scratch, check this out! I’ve only watched one of these videos but will be back to see more, for sure: it’s a grand old grandmother who SHOWS you how to make Depression-era food and, in the bargain, tells you stories of what life was like back then, how people got by, and how to save on literally everything. This link appears at Y2K Hippie’s site, which surfaces at MIfS. What a hoot!

Back at MIfS, Heather explains how to make colorful ball and cup toys—great stocking-stuffers for next Christmas. If you haven’t managed to get that far ahead of yourself but are still decorating for Hallowe’en, Squawkfox has posted a set of very classy pumpkin-carving stencilsand Mary at Simply Forties provides recipes for cooking up the pumpkin meat.

At Out of Debt Again, Funny’s rumination on “dumb tax” appears in the 80th Carnival of Money Stories. Iowa Hippie Chick learns some bad news about one of her dogs and agonizes about how to deal with it. Todd at Harvesting Dollars reminisces about the four (!) layoffs he’s been through during his working life. At The Happy Rock a family exchange is going on that reminds me of myself and M’hijito… Free Money Finance has got his readers continuing the discussion about the saga of the neighborhood foreclosures. And Finance Girl posts a funny story about trying to save on a haircut at Finance Gets Personal.

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