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Moments of Fame

The 175th Carnival of Personal Finance is up at J. Money’sBudgets Are Sexy, featuring a humor theme to perk us up in these otherwise humorless times. One of Funny’s moans about the mess across the street appears in this edition. Quite a few interesting posts appear this week. About investing, I especially enjoyed Patrick’s explanation, at Cash Money Life, of the difference between dollar cost averaging and value averaging. If J. Money’s jokes don’t cheer you, try Jim’s great stress-relief sites, including alink to the ultimate LOLCATs site, at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. Cindy S at Oh My Aching Debts brings a light-hearted approach to budgeting with a personal finance game. And Be This Way discusses the wisdom of returning sub-par products to retailers.

Funny’s photo essay about Dave’s Used Car Lot, Marina, and Weed Arboretum appears in the 81st Carnival of Money Stories, at Socal Savvy. Check out Wandering Tax Pro’s attempt to educate politicians on the meaning of various tax terms that are being thrown around during the current campaign—maybe unintentionally, this description of a ludicrously complicated and patently unfair set of Byzantine laws explains why American voters blithely elected a pack of morons and craven opportunists on the promise of less or no taxation. Personal Finance Analyst offers several tongue-in-cheek strategies for getting some use out of your redundant SUV. DebtPrison’s angry story reveals that Firestone is still up to the tricks I knew many a year ago.

At Mighty Bargain Hunter, this week’s Festival of Frugality just went online. Stop the Ride describes her strategy for living on an income that grows more flush during a busy season. FruGal makes great fun (!) of the current trendiness of “frugality” (as it were). Meanwhile, CheapHealthyGood tries to eat on $25 a week. The eye-opening result is something to see… Oh heck. We’ll all love living on unemployment and Social Security, eh? For those of us who aren’t lining up at the soup kitchen, Organic Eating offers a few ideas for how to get your hands on bargain organic foods. In describing JetBlue’s seven-buck fee for a pillow, Personal Finance Analyst puts in a nutshell all the reasons I’ve quit flying. And while Funny’s jeremiad against the proliferation of expensive gadgets appears in this festival, Fiscal Zen offers 16 freebies for the Mac.

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