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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Moments of Fame

The 179th Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Money Ning, where Funny’s squib on speculators bidding up real estate appears. This is a very large round-up. Check out Cash Money Life’s advice on year-end retirement investing. The five recession-proof ways to get hired at Just Thrive may interest you, especially if you’ve just been laid off or are about to be. If rehiring isn’t in your future, though, My Wealth Builder has an interesting post on taking early retirement during the downturn.

At what I hope is the right site this time, Make It from Scratch has posted this week’s Make It from Scratch Carnival, where Funny’s discovery about olive oil as the skin care product from heaven gets a mention. In the “Wish I’d Though of That” department, FWP came up with an awesome idea for clothesline rope, described at Financial Wellness Project. If you’re into amazingly wonderful food, you’d better check out Mary’s recipe for wild mushroom strudel at Simply Forties. If that’s not enough to impress your Thanksgiving guests, follow it up with Mama Bear’s thick & chewy chocolate chip cookies at I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill…good grief! And if you enjoy photos of extremely cute kids and tales of what moms will do for them, check out ChristineMM’s great story at The Thinking Mother.

Financial Wellness Project hosts the 152nd Festival of Frugality, where the recession has come home to roost. Funny’s plans for living in poverty over the next 2½ years appear there. Credit Withdrawal reports that frugality has become fashionable, highly entertaining. John is Fit reveals four ways to get PR people to send you free stuff (fifth way is to get on the staff of a popular magazine!). The Shark Investor comments, as I did Monday 11/18, on the new trend to blame the deprecession on frugality. This festival has about a jillion really interesting posts—if I highlighted all the ones I’ve enjoyed I’d probably have to paste the whole post in here. Be sure to make a visit!

BTW, FWP announces a new blog carnival, the DIY Jubilee. This sounds like fun—check it out, and send in a submission; next deadline is Nov. 23.

The 85th Carnival of Money Stories is up at Ask Mr. Credit Card, with an entertainingly Snopesian theme of myth-&-reality—about money. In the Karma department, check out Smart Spending’s story about why she did what she did when a friend and a stranger were in financial trouble. Money Ning has a nice piece on how recycling & reusing has helped his financial life. And Budgets Are Sexy wonders what the actual bill for Mrs. Budget’s emergency gall bladder surgery will be.

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  1. MoneyNing is actually the host of the Carnival this week. The site you’ve pointed to is a scraper, stealing the content from MoneyNing.

  2. Holy mackerel! It’s fixed now.

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