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Moments of Fame

The 162nd Festival of Frugality is online at Gather Little by Little. Funny’s post on the perqs of pinching penniesmade editor’s pick! ?Let’s hope I don’t have to use those pennies anytime soon in a forced early retirement. Money Theory has one of the nicest essays I’ve seen on how frugality can lead to contentment and even fun. Military Finance Network revisits the issue of whether one should invest savings or use them to pay off loans. And Wenchy Poo has some creative money-saving ideas.

The Make It from Scratch Carnival celebrates its 100th edition at Stephanie’s Make It from Scratch site. Funny’s post on the low-budget landscaping project appears here.Jason explains why it’s better to buy a whole chicken and butcher it yourself than to buy precut chicken parts. Check out Grandmother Wren’s clever and easy idea for making an easel and paint box for the little one’s artwork! And I was highly entertained by Timbuk2 Mom’s tale of her experiments with DIY dishwasher detergent. She’s braver than I am!

The Carnival of Money Stories is up at The Sun’s Financial Diary, where Funny’s rant about our legislators’ attack on the state’s educational system appears. Darwin’s Finance reports on 3.99% mortgage rates being offered by Toll Brothers. At Living Almost Large, you can join the conversation about why you’re saving for retirement. Harvesting Dollars contemplates (with horror!) the cost of independent health insurance.

Great carnivals, all. Be sure to visit each and check out the other excellent posts!

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