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Moments of Fame

Stock Trading to has posted the 195th Carnival of Personal Financewhere Funny’s squib on paying bills by snail-mail vs. electronic funds transfers appears. On the same subject, Green Panda Treehouse expresses a preference and polls friends on Twitter. Interesting post from Bad Money Advice, who explains why we soon may want to consider converting our traditional IRAs to Roths. And J. Money over at Budgets are Sexy got a lot of conversation going over by asking readers whether they’d rather be rich or hot.

The beloved Make It from Scratch Carnival is up at I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill. This week’s edition is full of things that outshine Funny’s chard-with-walnuts contribution. In the course of offering up a delicious-looking French toast with ham recipe, GP of Manely Montana tells a cautionary tale about running a B&B—remind meto blog about that one of these days. Mary at Simply Forties hits the gong again with a recipe for spring rolls. I’ve always wanted to know how to make those, and this version looks even better than our favorite Vietnamese restaurant’s. As if I needed an excuse to consume some more honey, Victoria Kabakian produces an incredible honey ice cream (OMG!!!) at Mission: Food. A tempting site devoted to crocheting appears here…my mother taught me to crochet, but I’ve forgotten how. I think I have her set of crochet hooks somewhere; it might be worth watching the video to relearn that skill.

And here’s a new Moment for Funny: Dodgeblogium included the rant on trying to collect unemployment in the Carnival of the Vanities. This is the first time I’ve submitted a post to that venerable round-up. I see quite a few PF bloggers are there, many of the usual suspects like The Smarter Wallet, Silicon Valley Blogger, and Nickel. Because this carnival is very eclectic, it offers a diverse set of viewpoints, though. Check out GrrlScientist’s story at Living the Scientific Life about her experience with Finnish emergency care. Here’s an M.D. who’s into brain fitness, writing a site of interest to all us old codgers who so annoy the snark artist at the Shark Tank. Interesting!

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  1. Thanks for the nod! I’m making that honey ice cream just as soon as it warms up a bit around here. I stopped by the health food store and bought some local honey so I’m all set!

  2. Great! I love the Carnival of the Vanities, I love Dodgeblogium. He’s a musician and I hang out on his blog sometimes, because of the interesting stuff he puts up (like the videos).

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