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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Moments of Fame

This week several carnival hosts have kindly featured various recent squibs from Funny.

The question about the worst financial mistake you didn’tmake appears in the 197th Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted this week by Four Pillars, who set a theme of the basics of personal finance. Hah! One of Four Pillars’s editor’s picks is My Money Minute, confirming my suspicions about pet insurance with a well-argued post and elaborate example. The Happy Rock is locked in battle with the grandparents over…what else? All the wonderful STUFF they keep giving the kids! Gather Little by Little discusses the ethics of keeping an unearned windfall.

“Frugality, Savings, and the Causes of Doom” made the 170th Festival of Frugality, which is live at MoneyNing. Speaking of pets, as we were above, Green Panda Treehouse, confronted with a sick cat, suggests a fewways to save on pet care. Off the Book of Phillip Sparrow¹topic, Family Balance sheet reflects on a much weightier matter: how she and her husband are handling a sharp business slowdown. And over at Pecuniarities, Penelope Pince makes the shrewd observation that not all “free” offers really cost nothing.

Spring has sprung at Moneytld, along with the Money Hacks Festival. This week’s well-organized edition is particularly good: it contains a lot of really interestingposts. Probably the least of these is Funny’s report on the credit union loan officer’s guess that comparables around the Investment House will rise in about nine months. I was especially interested in Free Money Finance’s list of 20 money-making activities, because one of them, “Write a Blog,” leads to a rich cache of information about monetizing blogs. Dough Roller thinks now is the time to refinance (assuming, I guess, your house isn’t worth $61,000 less than you owe on it…ahem!)—you have GOT to see DR’s amazing photo of Ben Bernanke! And in the gotcha coming & going department, Mark Montgomery reports that Sallie Mae’s new student loans now require payments while you’re still in school; repayment periods will drop and payments after graduation will rise commensurately.

¹{cackle!} Don’t you just love an obscure allusion?

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