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New Book! Frugality for Depressives

eeyoreDoes the whole prospect of pinching pennies get you down? Or were you already feeling like Eeyore before the idea arose?

Our friend Abby Freedman Perry (I Pick Up Pennies) realizes that trying to get a grip on your personal finances is even harder if you happen to suffer from physical disabilities or from depression. Contemplating that truth, she discovered that no one else has written about it or suggested ways to take control.

Hence her new book: Frugality for Depressives: Money-Saving Tips for Those Who Find Life a Little Harder.

Click the image to preview the book.

Says one of the book’s reviewers at Amazon…

By Susan T Mason on May 26, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Refreshing to find a book that does not just tell you to “get with it”, but admits that it just is not going to be perfect and that is okay. While I am not a depressive, I do live with one. Neither of us is getting any younger and are finding it hard to keep up with stuff like we used to. Being frugal is important to us, but if you are not 100%, it is good to have permission to prioritize.

Check it out. You can get it in the Kindle version and also in a paperback edition.