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Perfect retirement day

Lillian Austin
Lillian Austin

My friend K., who lives in Waddell (halfway to Yuma from here), came into town to visit and to shop at the city’s premier nursery, Baker’s, which at 40th Street and Osborn is halfway to Tucson from her place. It was a very pleasant day: magnificent weather, good company. She bought roses, herbs, and flowers; I bought Lillian Austin, an English rose by David Austin; we perused the show put on by an iris fanciers’ club. We spent several hours socializing and enjoying the garden-like nursery.

After she headed back to the far side of the galaxy, I harvested the first beets of spring out of the garden, fired up the barbecue, defrosted a steak. Braised the beautiful little beets with butter and nutmeg; braised the incredible beet greens in olive oil, garlic, and fennel seed; threw the steak on the grill. Awesome dinner, accompanied by dos fine cervezas (Corona!) with juicy ripe lime from the backyard tree, all of it consumed in the shade of the back patio.

The hour still being late afternoon, Cassie and I circumnavigated the nearby park, also very pleasant on a springtime Saturday.

You know… Soon, every day will be like this!Think of it.

Not having made three, four, five thirty-six-mile round trips to campus in the preceding week, I will think nothing of driving out to Waddell to hang out with my friends. We will not need the excuse of a shopping trip to get together. Driving out to Sun City to visit SDXB surely will feel less onerous, too.

Every day I will be able to garden at my convenience, to download House on Hulu in the middle of the morning, to cook a fine meal, to raise a glass to God’s creation at midafternoon, to stroll around the park whenever the dog and I choose.

Ohhh please, Mr. University President: don’t throw me in that briar patch!

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  1. You’ll be amazed at how full your life is. I often wondered how I managed to get anything done as I clearly no longer have time in my life for a 40-hour a week job! While difficult, going freelance, for me anyway, was the best thing ever. I hope I’ll never have to go back.

  2. @ SimplyForties: Yeah, I find that to be true even now. SDXB says he was never so busy when he was working than after he retired. He does a lot of hiking and junketing around. I can easily keep myself amused around the house day after day. One thing I’ll have to do is engage some volunteer activities so that I’ll be forced to go out and socialize with people.

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