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Posting bookmarks online

The Mac has about a zillion bookmarks, most of them accrued since I started blogging a year ago. Many of these are things I’d like not to lose when the hard disk crashes, which as we know sooner or later it will. They’re backed up, of course, to a flash drive, which holds a lot of other “don’t-lose” stuff. But that doesn’t help me get at these bookmarks from a PC. More to the point: I can’t access most of my Mac bookmarks from FireFox, because FireFox apparently has a strict limit on the number of bookmarks it will read. It doesn’t see all of Safari’s main bookmark folders, and when you get into a folder, it doesn’t see all the bookmarks inside a large folder.

Annoying, since we’re urged to prefer FireFox over Safari for a number of reasons, not the least of them security.

Belatedly, though, I’ve discovered Google Bookmarks. This is a very handy tool. You get it by establishing a Google account (free: just open a gmail address) and installing Google’s toolbar. The bookmarking function appears on the toolbar. When you’re signed in to a Google account, the bookmarks you entered while you were lurking around that account show up on the bookmark button of the toolbar.

The clever Tina, my associate editor at the Great Desert University and my business partner at The Copyeditor’s Desk, set up a Google account for us quite some time ago. We use the e-mail account for our company address and Google Docs for tracking assignments and posting communal style sheets. Very handy. This enables her to view the bookmarks, too.

So I used that account to enter bookmarks from my GDU terminal as well as from the Mac. The campus terminal has a lot of links to university sites, purchasing agents, and the like. The Mac has most of the links for editorial blogs as well as the 87 gerjillion PF blogs I follow. I’m sure she’s not interested in personal finance blogs, but she has evinced an interest in blogging in general (having experimented with her own online journal at WordPress, she was amazed to find people actually reading it). I’ve posted 10 categories of blogging-related sites, from how-to squibs and SEO advice through complicated dissertations on monetizing. Someday she may find those useful. And maybe she’ll add some of her own favorite sites.

It’s neat to be able to share bookmarks with a limited audience. But what I really like about it is that if one or the other of my systems crashes, I won’t have to reconstitute long lists of URLs from some outdated back-up file. Yay!

And it’s free.

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  1. I haven’t tried Google bookmarks yet, but I do use Delicious and have been for several months. It’s nice to be able to find bookmarks from work, home or add a bookmark if I’m on my son’s laptop. I guess Google probably works the same way.

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