Coffee heat rising


So Sunday we raced out to Wittman between choral events to view and select the puppy. Here she is:


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Whaddaya think? Cute? or Not Cute?

She doesn’t have a name yet…figuring out what she should be called is the next project.

Breeder Lindsay thinks this pup is the quietest and probably the least assertive of the litter, the concern being that Cassie could get competitive with another female. Personally, I think Cassie will be fine. But time will tell.

IMG_1758She’s SO TINY at five weeks: no bigger than my shoe. In this photo, she looks like a sable (fur with two or three colors on each shaft) or a  tri-color (red, white, and black), but Lindsay believes she’ll be red and white. Corgis change color dramatically in the first few weeks and months of life.


Mmmmm! Shoe! Good to eat! 😀 She may be the quietest of the litter, but in Corgi language that does not seem to translate to “retiring.”

IMG_1770Puppy. Kill. Starfish!

IMG_1776Puppy. Kill. Finger!

IMG_1792Whew! Hunting is hard work!

IMG_1795She found a cave and took it over as a nest, where she promptly fell asleep.

IMG_1796Back in the den with brothers and sisters!

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  1. Aaaahh….what’s not to like about a puppy? (Especially when she’s chewing up someone else’s house!) She’s adorable. Congratulations, and best of luck with the new pup and the Queen of the Universe. Enjoy!

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