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Rats! More Rain!!

🙂 The irrigation system has been off for three days, lhudly sing huzzah. So much rain has been pouring in there’s been no need to run the water, despite the usual three-digit temps during the daytime. It’s five in the morning now, and yet another freshet is rolling in.

Yesterday so much rain blasted in, it laid down a three-inch lake in the patio…


The trees won’t have to be watered for days! Y’know…that’s a three-foot-deep water control trench where those rocks are…


More bills are incoming, though.

I need to get that patio roof repaired. Don’t even know who could do that, since it’s a little exotic: plastic paneling designed to let filtered light in there but keep the rain out. And my son emailed last night to report that he definitely has rats. They’re inside the walls, and Charley has tried to go after a couple of them. He’s wondering if he can train the dog to catch them.

So I suppose I’ll have to pay an exterminator to get rid of those damn things. I hope he can chip in on the cost, because that is NOT how I want to spend next month’s budget.

But where to FIND an exterminator? Angie’s List is now utterly un-credible, so I’m not using that to track guys down. I refuse to click “agree” to their onerous new ToS, so even if I were dumb enough to buy their recommends, I can’t access their site.

Yelp also doesn’t seem very credible to me — I know too many people who put their friends up to posting positive reviews there. So I’m asking the handyman, who doesn’t do much work for me but who seems to be a font of recommendations.

Also asking him about an electrician. My beloved old electrician (“old” is the operative word: he’s even older than me!) seems to have gone out of business. Last time I called his number was out of service. I hope he’s OK, but would be surprised if he is: he’d been losing weight the last time we met, and not in what looked like a good way. What a great guy that one was (and, I hope, still is). I met him when the ex- and I moved into our house in North Central. That was over 30 years ago!

Hard to believe. {sigh}

AND I heard the AC making some strange noises during the night. It’s still on the Goodman warranty, so with any luck most of that cost will be covered. But it’s another unwelcome hassle.

But all hassles are unwelcome, eh? Especially when they cost you out of house & home…

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  1. That’s a lot of rain but seems like a good thing. We were about 5 inches below average and everything was brown, but in the last 2 weeks it’s rained a lot and all the grass has turned green and started growing again. That’s actually a very good thing to have happen before fall comes as it’ll keep it healthier when stuff starts to go dormant.

  2. Sorry to hear abut the “MIA electrician” A sad “coincidence”….my Dear Electrician passed away in February…..My “DE” Bob was a real character and a trusted craftsman and friend. We didn’t always see eye to eye BUT he was a good guy and I miss him. He appeared to be losing weight for a bit over a year and then was diagnosed with stomach cancer….then it spread and his kidneys failed. And that was that….Hard to find a good pro you can trust!!!