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Round and About

Okay, we have GOT to have a round-up here! I’ve ignored my blogging friends too long.

To start with, did you notice that Abby at I Pick Up Pennies is preggers again? She and DH are waiting with bated breath to see if this one gets through the first trimester. These two have had a truly tough time in the reproduction department, having lost several pregnancies early on. So send all of your positive thoughts, prayers, and good vibes in their direction!

And speaking of parenthood, Money Beagle has a great story involving their three-year-old. LOL! One of the best things about being an Old Bat is being able to gaze dotingly upon other people’s small children and think, aaaahhhh! I’ll never have to do that again!

Donna Freedman (still in the parenthood department: she’s Abby’s mom) has a hilarious PF spin on Godzilla. Wish I could dream up stuff like that!

Not bloggish, but gorgeous: Check out these astonishingly delicious-sounding sparerib recipes from the New York Times. SDXB invited me over for ribs the other day, and served up some that left me wanting to cook more. His recipe, though, contains salt, salt, and salt along with sugar, sugar, and sugar. So I was tickled to find these, which in comparison to the traditional BBQ sauce look fairly healthful as well as scrumptious.

TRUE CONFESSIONS: Evan fesses up to “gambling” in the stock market! Well…to dabbling in penny stocks, actually. Great article at My Journey to Millions explaining what the heck penny stocks are and why trading in them is a lot like hanging out at the craps table.

DQYDJ is up to some more calculating. Check out the latest over there: a dividend reinvestment calculator. Enter a stock ticker, the date purchased, and the date sold and get the total value as of the sale, an estimated annual return, a graph showing the account’s value over time, and the dividends and their amounts over the period. How kewl is that?

At Planting Our Pennies, the POPs have an amazing story about selling a jeep and getting more than they expected. LOTS more. Goes to the old adage that a product or service is worth what people will pay for it…the trick is figuring out what they’ll pay!

Over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, Crystal & DH had One of Those Days…starting (expensively!) at four in the morning!

Revanche heads for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Darn! I’m jealous.

101 Centavos contemplates the predicted substantial rise in food costs and considers whether there are ways to profit from it.

Frugal Scholar has another one of her truly amazing moments at a Goodwill store. There must be some sort of gift to being able to navigate thrift stores…if so, she surely has it in spades.

At Prairie Ecothrifter, Marie gnashes her teeth over earlier financial mis-steps.

At Grumpy Rumblings, take time to contemplate Nicoleandmaggie’s fantasy of the ideal work day!

And speaking of work, it’s after 7, the dogs have yet to be fed, the algae is growing in the pool again, I have written nothing, I have not hired a research assistant to track down the damn maps the client wants, I have not read page proofs, I have not called the designer…and so I must run. Bye!

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  1. Thanks for the link! I *am* forever fascinated by how awesome FS is at thrifting 🙂 And you know you’re always welcome to come by 😉

    • Meh, haven’t a ton of other bloggers already written this calculator? Uninspired, at best.

      (Seriously, though, thanks for the mention!)

    • LOL! PK, I still think it’s pretty clever. But then, the extent of my coding expertise is knowing what happens when you go open-pointy-bracket-em-end-pointy-bracket type copy to be emphasized open-pointy-bracket-forward-slash-end-pointy-bracket.

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