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Roundup: Dog Joy Edition

Charley the Golden Retriever is always beside himself with doggy joy when M’hijito gets off work and comes by to pick him up. Somehow dogs know what time it is. Charley and Cassie start watching the front door along about 5:00 p.m., and no matter how late the human is, they keep up the vigil till they hear his car roll into the driveway. Then they dance the evening two-step.

Charley has this wacko upside-down thing he likes to do. He tries to stand on his head. He’s so happy he can’t contain himself.

Don’t ask. I have no idea where he learned to do that!

Speaking of learning, over at Grumpy Rumblings, Femme Frugality gets a conversation going when she asks “What are the qualities in your ideal student? Where’s the line between being a good student and being a kiss-ass?” If you ever doubted that academics are grumpy, this will clear your mind.

Over at SquawkFox, there’s been some changes made! The new adventure, though, hasn’t interfered with Kerry’s original and humorous spin on life, the universe, and all that frugality.

Prairie Ecothrifter has a nice post how to deal with the needy sibling. Probably easier said than done…but good words and true. This advice also applies to the child who always needs rescuing, usually with a hand-out.

Money Beagle tells a story that illustrates why he’s glad he hires a tax accountant to do his returns.

Over at The Digerati Life, SVB contemplates some of the worst jobs in creation. LOL! I’d include teaching freshman comp in there…not as high on the list as being a cop or serving in the military, o’course, but certainly on a par with collecting trash (which, by the way, pays significantly better than what I earned with my Ph.D. and my Phi Beta Kappa key in a full-time university position).

Speaking of jobs, check out Steve’s take on ten quotes about careers over at Brip Blap. There’s some entertaining and some profound stuff here, from Hilary Clinton’s advice (“Don’t confuse having a career with having a life”) to Steve’s reflections on some of these bons mots (“Americans confuse education with achievement”).

Here’s an awesome recipe (with mouth-watering photo) at Musings of an Abstract Aucklander.

Revanche grinds her teeth, at A Gai Shan Life, over having to pay some dumb tax. Heh…who among us has not shared the privilege?

Donna Freedman does it again with an amazing riff on midnight movies and guilty pleasures. How can that woman write so much and still manage to write so well?

Did you see Evan’s post at My Journey to Millions on ethnicity and patterns in investing? As you can imagine, he stirred up a fair amount of controversy, some of it totally off the wall. Speaking of amazing.

Several PF bloggers have been talking about long-term care insurance lately. Free Money Finance considers some refinements on long-term care policies, which are worth thinking about.

Mrs. Accountability at Out of Debt Again asks if you like to use the ubiquitous store saver cards. Guess I’m nuts, but I just hate those things. What a scam!

Over at The Blue Collar Workman, TB explains that bigger is better with the new air-conditioning units.

You have gotta see the photo at Five Cent Nickel, where Nickel holds forth in awe about extreme credit-card collections! Ay-mazing!!!

10 thoughts on “Roundup: Dog Joy Edition”

  1. Thanks for the mention, man, I appreciate it!

    We have a golden retriever too, man, they’re awesome. They’re the best dogs! They’re always so happy to see me and my family, and they’re so freaking loyal.

  2. @ TB: Yeah, Charley’s a nice dog, very mellow — even though he was the rocket of the litter. M’hijito had a gorgeous golden when he was a boy and has always pined after another. Charley doesn’t look anything like the boyhood dog, but I think he’s ingratiated himself with the guy. 😉

    You know, the trouble with the overbred goldens today is that they’re pretty useless for hunting or anything very practical. Other than hanging out and being your pal, I mean. He’s got a gentle mouth, but retrieving is just not his thing. We have some nice upland bird habitats — there’s a critter called the Mearn’s quail that overruns an area down near the border and that is absolutely the best wild fowl around here. To eat, I mean. But they sit so tight that you really need a bird dog to hunt them. And I’m afraid “bird dog” is not Charley’s calling. If I were going to start again with a pup, I’d get a viszla. That is an awe-inspiring hunting dog, and it also makes a good pet around kids.

    @ Donna: CLING to that common sense!!!!!

  3. Funny, thanks for the mention of my post on the Super Saver shopper cards. I can understand your hatred for the cards, I agree it is annoying to have to keep hoards of them just to get the “sale” price. Getting used to the idea at Savers has taken me some time. It sounds like you do reluctantly use them though, rather than choose to pay the higher amount unlike the woman I shared about in my post. Thanks again.

  4. @ Mrs. Accountability: Yeah, that is an amazing thing you reported. For me, the choice is am I going to a) dispense disinformation so I can get a card to shop in their store; or b) am I not going to shop there at all. No, I will absolutely not pay the rip-off price because I decline to give them private information.

    That’s why I quit shopping at Cost Plus (World Market) when they instituted a shopping card. I’m sick and tired of having to lie for the privilege of buying a bottle of wine or a can of curry powder at a fair price. It’s too bad…I really liked Cost Plus and it was a regular stop on my shopping rounds. But now I just won’t shop there at all anymore.

  5. Beautiful dog. I am so jealous though I have a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog who is almost thirteen now but as healthy as a horse.

  6. Thanks for the mention.

    That dog is so freaking cute! I always wanted a lab (its a lab, right?) but the shedding! No matter how down one is a happy dog can bring you right back

  7. @ Evan: that’s what’s cutely called an “English golden retriever.” It’s a variety of retriever popular in Europe: white or pale blonde coat and a big-boned frame. Otherwise, it’s just a fancified golden.

    And yup. He does shed. As nothing compared to a German shepherd, though. 😀

  8. My dog used to do that … and then FLUMP into my lap. All 80 lbs of her. I miss that. Doggle just cannot be bothered to be that excited about me. PiC, yes. Every so often I think, I need my OWN dog. But then I realize, I don’t have an extra $10K/yr yet so let’s just not.

    Thanks for the link!

  9. @ Revanche: LOLOL! Let’s hope M’hijito doesn’t read this post. Some things, it’s better not to know.

    Yes, Charley will also jump into your lap, very heavily. Don’t know if M’hijito encourages that (probably not) but he gets away with it here because it’s so adorable and ingratiating. Also somewhat…imprisoning.

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