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Safeway’s Got a Meat Sale

Just came back from the Safeway. They have incredibly gorgeous 7-bone chuck roasts on sale for $1.57 a pound!


Don’t know if this is nationwide or just local to the Phoenix area. Might be worth checking, though, if there’s a Safeway on your way while you’re out and about today.

I had mine ground into hamburger, which is my preferred way of serving up chuck. It makes THE best burger, and when you have the butcher grind it for you, at least you know roughly where it came from. Have them give you the bones to simmer with some onion, celery, carrots, and herbs to make an awesome beef broth.

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  1. We buy chuck roasts when on sale & use our food processor to grind it ourselves if we want it ground. Grinding it that way works best if slightly frozen, or at least straight out of the fridge.

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