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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Sidestream Income: Have you read this guy’s amazing story?

Good grief! I’ve just been browsing around a site called Deliver Away Debt. This guy decided he was going to pay off his debt by throwing sidestream income at it. The stream? Delivering pizzas.The blog is the story of his adventures in this quest.

Each month, he details his daily earnings and then totals them up. The man is earning $1,400 to $1,800 a month moonlighting 22 hours a week!

You realize…$1,500 was what I netted in 80 hours at a mid-level university administrator’s job, with a Ph.D. and 30 years of experience. LOL! Another boat missed. 😀


Deliver Away Debt is a member of the Yakezie challenge. He just published 600 Money-Saving Tips that he personally gathered from his fellow Yakezites. It’s quite a compendium!

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  1. Why is it a missed boat? Just look into a similar job?

  2. Hi, Evan!

    Here’s my train of thought: (oh! boats, trains: mix those metaphors!)

    If the guy can earn as much as I did at the height of my earning powers and do it by driving around delivering pizzas — without having to go through 12 years of higher education, without having to write a book-length publishable (and published!) dissertation, without having to write a national best-seller, without holding down shamefully underpaid jobs, without having to drudge through four and five sections of bloated writing courses each semester for 10 years, without having to scrimmage through vicious academic politics for 15 years — then it appears to me that I could’ve gotten where I am on a boat that required a great deal less work, many fewer tears, and lots less aggravation. That makes his cruise line look nicer than mine. 😉

  3. Hi ya Funny,

    Thanks for digging into my rabbit hole. For the record I do have a “real” job as a Maintenance Engineer/Supervisor for Obama Motors 🙂 I even have a couple of those degree things too which took me 10 years.

    Yes driving around delivering pizza is a blast. It’s wonderful to have a job that can produce a nice little side income. I can’t take credit for the idea though. I was listening to Dave Ramsey when he mentioned the idea. It took me a whole 5 minutes to walk into a pizza joint and ask for a job. The next night I was rolling dough, folding boxes, cutting onions, washing floors, and delivering pizzas. I made over $100 in tips my first night. After that I was hooked.

    • @ Jeff the Pizza Dude– That is so awesome.

      My former associate editor — the only one of my staff to land on her feet after we were all canned — waited tables all the time she was working for me. She said she earned more in five hours at Applebee’s than the university paid her for a week’s work. Then she started tending bar, where she made even more. Then her Applebee’s, at her prompting, started a Karaoke happy hour, the result of which is she’s now making even MORE money tending bar. This, on the side of a full-time editorial job. And in addition to her other side income stream, a hefty contract as a project manager for a large textbook publisher.

      Her goal also is to get out of debt, compounded by a desire to establish full financial independence after a divorce.

      People who are willing to work hard can sometimes do just fine for themselves. Provided they don’t kill themselves with overwork!

  4. All I am saying is you can complain (passively, jokingly, etc.) or you can do something about it! I get frustrated as all hell when I meet Pharma Reps who make more more than me despite my extra 3 years in law school, but it is what it is.

    So get to driving at night!

    • @ Evan– I don’t need to: I’m set now. The truth is, there’s enough in my retirement savings to support me for the next 50 years. Since I’m unlikely to live longer than another 20 years (especially if I don’t get up from in front of the computer!), I have no need to keep working three jobs, as I was doing until the layoff and then Social Security’s earnings limitation put a stop to it.

      That notwithstanding, next year when the earnings limit no longer applies, I’ll be able to get back to my usual paid frolics. Right now, though, I’m taking a sabbatical. And using it to crank up the various enterprises that feed into my S-corporation.

      Hmmm… Are you practicing law now, or are you mostly in the insurance industry? It looks like a good combination. My son wants to get a professional degree but is undecided about the MBA. Since he’s presently working for a huge insurance company, I’m thinking a law degree might serve him well if he wanted to move upward in that industry. His dad is a corporate lawyer but, like all the aging doctors I know, keeps saying he wouldn’t encourage his son to go to law school. So he’s barely thinking about that as a possibility. My thought about it is…a law degree ought to get you in the door for certain upper-management & executive positions, maybe even better than an MBA does, because it would give you some valuable specialized knowledge.

  5. Hmmm enough assets for 50 years and only going to live 20? Any interest in a buddy of mine! JK – that’s horrible lol

    “Are you practicing law now, or are you mostly in the insurance industry? It looks like a good combination.”

    I am in house/director for a very large financial planning firm that is a subsidary of one of the biggest insurance companies. On top of that I have a small (read: Very small) law practice I do as a side thing.

    What does he do? Sales? If he has any questions throw him my e-mail I am always willing to talk about myself lol.

  6. Jeff is an inspiration, most definitely. I used to deliver pizzas after high school — being a pizza-delivery chick led to much bigger tips than the guys got, for a variety of reasons. The moms loved my ambition and the novelty of a chick delivering (or they felt sorry for me, who knows), and the guys, well, they were guys. Had to turn down more than one ‘invitation’ into a home/apartment. But the risks are the same whether you’re male or female.

  7. @ everyone: IMHO, pizza delivery folks and census workers are among the bravest people in our present society. I’m way too shy & retiring to go up to strangers’ doors. Heck…I’m not even happy about walking across the Albertson’s parking lot alone! 😉

    Some folks have a natural bent for entrepreneurship. One of the neighbors has a lively middle-school aged son who can turn a buck with the best of us. His latest scheme: break down housekeeping and yard work into individual chores and propose to hire out to do small parts of them. For 15 bucks, he’ll clean your kitchen floor. (That would be about a dollar a minute…) I expect before we know it, he’ll be president and CEO of the first company that produces electric cars for the masses.