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Six Good Things?

Over at Surviving and Thriving, Donna Freedman passed along a meme picked up from Jana Says:  listing six good things in counterpoint to the 87 berjillion horrors, annoyances, and minor headaches we all can bellyache about.

Well, thought I: could I even dream up Six Good Things today????


  1. Another rat jumped Trump’s sinking White House ship today…oh, wait….

Okay, okay. Trying again:

  1. Some kid was thrown out of a college course on Christianity for the crime of stating that there are only two biological genders…. Uhmmm…

Not getting far with this, are we? Surely there must be SOMETHING good out there?

  1. The ancient alien mummy discovered in a Chilean desert isn’t an alien after all. It isn’t even ancient.

Drat! Fourth try’s a charm:

  1. My wonderful son is still kicking. He invited me over to dinner tonight. So the corgis and I will descend on him and the retriever a little later today.
  2. Choir is magnificent. Our former choir director was wondrous and beloved, and to everyone’s delight, the new choir director and also the new associate director/organist are wondrous and beloved. Holy week is coming up and we’re learning a slew of spectacular musical pieces for the occasion.
  3. Spring has sprung in Arizona. The citrus trees are perfuming the air with a new season’s blossoms. The orchid trees are a-blast in color. Soon it will be warm enough to swim in the pool!
  4. Yesterday I saw one of the handsomest men I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing, along with his fairly adorable son, over in the North Mountain preserve. Scenic.
  5. Today I encountered a man with the sweetest smile and the cutest chocolate lab I’ve ever seen, also over in the North Mountain preserve. When men are attractive, they are very, very attractive.
  6. God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.

Okay. There you go. The Professional Skeptic’s Guide to the Good Things in Today’s Ridiculous World. What can one say? Other than thank God for Rachel Maddow.

Jeez. Six good things indeed…