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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Small Bit of Housekeeping

Lest any regulars feel puzzled when they encounter this: I just enabled WordPress to turn off commenting on posts over 30 days old.

Funny is being flooded with spam from those obscenely underpaid Third-World workers who are hired to enter advertising comments on random posts, presumably found by Web-bots. Because they’re live human beings typing real (but irrelevant) comments and entering real-looking (but fake) names and e-mail addresses, they get past the spam-catchers. This garbage adds mightily to the 100-plus messages a day that come pouring into my in-box; I’m getting tired of deleting the stuff—it just absorbs time and pushes up the annoyance quotient.

{sigh} Most of these are coming in on pretty old comments. I don’t want to disable commenting or make it password-protected, so I’m hoping this strategy works. If not, I’ll have to shorten the window for commenting to two weeks.

Anyway, if you get a message saying it’s too late to comment on some post, you’ll know what’s up.


Brent and MariLynn, The Spam-mobile. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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  1. Did you try putting up a Captcha plug in to work with your WP-SpamFree…really has helped on my site

  2. hah! love the picture!

  3. @ sandra jensen: It is a superb piece of art, isn’t it?

    @ Evan: That crossed my mind. But from what I understand, these things that respond directly or obliquely to your content are being sent by actual human beings, working for a few pennies an hour out of Third-World countries. They have been trained to copy the Captcha characters, even if their native languages don’t include roman fonts. That’s why they’re getting through WP-SpamFree and Akismet.