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Solitude Is Precious

Isn’t it interesting, the number of widowed and divorced women who choose to stay single? One recent study showed that among Europeans, a man lives longer if he’s married and a women lives longer if she’s single. Whatever the reasons, a lot of women seem to intuit this and, about midway through life, begin to prefer a state of onliness. There’s something to be said for solitude.

Over at Surviving and Thriving, Donna Freedman holds forth eloquently on the pleasures and challenges of aloneness, spinning off a post from a site called The Quest for $85,000. If you haven’t run across the Quest blogger yet, you should definitely pay a visit—though it’s yet another of those sites where the person documents a struggle to get out of debt, there’s some very engaging writing here.

In a similar vein, NicoleandMaggie generated a lot of commentary with a lively post suggesting some people are not cut out to be stay-at-home parents.

On other fronts, take a look at the pretty bowls Bargain Babe scored at Anthropologie for dollar-store prices! She shares her secrets for how to snare amazing deals from that glitzy store.

Money Crush has a thoughtful post on pursuing what you love for a living.

Mrs. Accountability asks readers to weigh in on the benefits of cash-back vs. buying things with rewards points.

After a decluttering frenzy, Mrs. Money pauses to consider seven so-called “superfoods” you can afford—and they’re all delicious (ohhh, welllll…maybe with the exception of broccoli, the only subject George Bush and I ever agreed upon).

Over Forty and Loving It emits a cri de coeur over the Republicans’ determination to do us all out of any  kind of sane healthcare system.

At My Journey to Millions, Evan describes his accounting scheme to describe his progress on net worth without having to reveal information he prefers to keep private, and then emits his own cri de coeur about people who bellyache about money while they diddle away enough to beggar King Midas.

At Brip-Blap, Steve considers ways to handle fear, and in doing so describes an amazing and hair-raising situation he had to cope with while living overseas.

Five-Cent Nickel and his readers share their worries about keeping sensitive data secure.

OMG! Did you know you can now buy divorce insurance? Jim at Bargaineering asks for readers’ take on this product…when you look at the terms he describes, it looks like yet another scam. The most coverage you can buy is 25 grand. My husband spent that much per year during the time he was paying me alimony. The insurance is pricey and it doesn’t cover enough to matter.

Welp, speaking of aloneness, there’s nobody here but me to fix breakfast and feed the dog, so I’d better get up and start moving. Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Solitude Is Precious”

  1. @ Terri: Congratulations on find a middle-aged fella who’s both straight and true. 😉

    @ Donna: Mine’s most likely to be stir-fried, with copious amounts of garlic & onion. At Christmas a friend made a broccoli casserole that defied belief…but I’m sure it contained toxic amounts of cream and cheeses! It’s possible to make broccoli edible (i guess), but not easy.

  2. Put me down for your helping of broccoli as I’m a big fan of the vegetable as well. I understand though that often times people don’t like broccoli because of its high fiber content which can cause stomach distress. And overcooked broccoli is icky. The version you mention sounds heaven… the copious amounts of onion and garlic… mmmm… I do have fresh broccoli which needs o be used and lucky me, copious amounts of onion and garlic on hand! Anyhoo… thank you also for linking to my post about rewards cards.

  3. Thank you for the link 🙂 A huge part of my being able to sort out my messy finances is reading all these interesting PF blogs. So many points of view and so many valuable tips. I’m enjoying reading your site!

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