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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Something there is about painting a door…

…that calls for a beer.

Alas, I have no beer in the house. But lo! What should we find but a bottle of Clos du Bois, purchased for two dollars off! Hallelujah, brothers and sisters! 😀

Pulling the Velcroed-on whiteboard calendar off the solid-core fire door between the kitchen and the garage did, yes, get rid of the ridiculous calendar thingie. But…well…it got rid of a fair amount of paint, too. In a few spots, all the way down to the wood.

In other spots, it kindly did not pull off the paint but instead left behind a layer of goop: adhesive from the Velcro. Lovely.

So, the miseries of the cold/flu finally beginning to clear, today I took it upon my little self to sand and paint that door.

Good sander: defunct. New stupid lightweight sander: useless. Get out sanding block: exercise.

Not a great job of sanding, but marginally good enough for gummint work. At least the chipped and ripped-off spots are smoothed down.

Laid two layers, over the course of several hours, of touch-up to hide the busted spots.

Fixed lunch/dinner. Consumed lunch/dinner. Re-opened the paint can.

Painted the door. This third layer over the bunged spots covered them effectively. Feeling smug…and so of course my hand slips and SPLATTTTT! A shower of paint right in the face.

Fortunately, I have on a pair of glasses: otherwise I would’ve gotten a good swig of white semigloss right in the eyes.


Finish the job. Wash out the paint brush.

Go into the bathroom. Find self and glasses covered in paint.

Put glasses to soak in strong, hot Dawn solution. Scrub skin and paint off face.


Come back out. Inspect door.

Not perfect, but one helluva lot better than it was before, with the streaks of dirt where the dogs have pushed their way in and out and the dings where I’ve kicked the damn thing open and the four big brown spots and the unknown shiny streak along the top of where the whiteboard hung.

I think it will do. And if it doesn’t do? Tant pis.

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