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Tasty fig morsels

At Costco last weekend, M’hijito and I came across some lovely ripe figs, packaged (as usual) in lifetime-supply quantities. He suggested we split a flat of the things. And then he described this wonderful little treat:

You need

Ripe whole figs
As many slices of bacon as figs
Feta or other goat cheese

Wrap each fig with a slice of bacon. Fry gently until the bacon is cooked to your taste. Arrange on a plate and drizzle with honey. Garnish with goat cheese.

I tried this for an after-church brunch Sunday morning. Awe-inspiringly delicious!

Because I had no toothpicks and the little metal skewers in the drawer seemed likely to scratch the pan’s nonstick surface, I used cotton string to tie the bacon onto the figs. If you use toothpicks, remember to remove them before serving, so no one gets poked!

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