Coffee heat rising

The Starbucks Jamboree

How many Starbucks stores does the world need, really?

A prospective client wants to meet at the Starbucks “at Paradise Valley Mall.” Google up the address, and you get not one, not two, but three such bistros. Email the client: which one?

She says the one inside the mall — which is now just another ghost mall inhabited by low-end anchor stores like Penney’s and Costco — is closed. Okayyy…that leaves two others, within walking distance of each other.

Really…how much bad coffee can Americans drink?

It’s one girl’s opinion, of course (apparently the only girl’s), but I think Starbucks dispenses pretty awful coffee. The only thing the stuff is good for is mixing with cream and sugary flavoring goop. You can get a halfway decent cuppa there buy asking for a café Americana, which is actually just watered-down espresso. Espresso is made from a somewhat higher quality coffee bean, because it takes a better quality to withstand being roasted black.

I personally object to paying that much for any serving of coffee, particularly when I can make a better one in about ten minutes without driving across the city for the privilege.

In that department, I see that Costco is again carrying San Francisco brand dark roast beans. That is bar none the best coffee I’ve ever bought, this side of a very fancy specialty gourmet store, now defunct. My life was about shattered when I flew into Costco in search of another bagful and found it GONE! But the last time I was there, lo! It was back!

At any rate, my new glasses are ready. This junket will allow me to kill several birds with one stone: meet the proposed new client, refill my Costco cash cards, pick up the lunettes, fill up the car, and maybe even buy another bag of that coffee lest Costco decide to deep-six it again.

As we know, as soon as Costco finds out you like something, they immediately get rid of it. 😀

6 thoughts on “The Starbucks Jamboree”

  1. The only time I drink anything from Starbucks is when a friend treats me. So far, I’ve only had their tea – I really like African Autumn. I still have no idea what the coffee tastes like, but that’s okay, I’m too broke/cheap to pay for it. I think paying someone just to make you a cup of coffee is kinda odd. Also, how do these people manage to drive to Starbucks first thing in the morning with NO CAFFEINE IN THEIR SYSTEMS?!? It boggles the mind.
    I hope you like the new glasses and good luck with the client.

    • Hm…it may explain some of the rush-hour road craziness… 😉

      I don’t mind buying a cup of coffee with dessert (or in lieu of dessert) at a fancy restaurant. But in the morning? What? You can’t brew your very own cup of coffee, like a grown-up kid? Weird.

      But then, I think just about everything in the Dystopia of the 21st Century is weird.

  2. I don’t do coffee – so I don’t do Starbucks – but I hear you on the questioning why there need to be SO many of them?

    At the local shopping center down the street from me – there is a Starbucks at the front entrance. Then, a mere 100 feet away, in the SAME parking lot, though in a different building, is ANOTHER starbucks – you can stand in front of one, and wave at the people standing in front of the other.

    In the town where I work – there is a Safeway – with a starbucks inside. Across the street, Starbucks just built a brand new standalone building. And a block up the same street – you guessed it – a starbucks in the strip mall. This is for a town of less than 12,000 people! Not to mention – when you walk out the doors of Safeway, the joint RIGHT next door – a coffee place. Down the way by the other starbucks? Across the street – another coffee place. And 3 blocks down the way – another drive through coffee place. Not even COUNTING the starbucks at the *other* end of town (2 miles away).

    In downtown Vancouver there is a spot where two streets cross – on THREE of the four corners – is a Starbucks. Not sure why they haven’t leased the spot on the fourth corner – tho it’s been a few y ears since I’ve walked by – they might have at this point 😀

    • We have the same phenomenon here. There’s one inside the Fry’s at Tatum and Shea and then in practically the same parking lot, a free-standing unit. And at Paradise Valley Mall, at one time there were three within walking distance of each other. Apparently the one inside that ghost mall has closed…it’s hard to see how the mall itself stays open.

      I dunno…maybe they launder drug money? Otherwise, it’s hard to explain how any of the franchisees are able to stay in business.

  3. “I dunno…maybe they launder drug money?” LOL! I live in a two-story apartment building that’s seen better days, but was obviously a nice place originally. The two previous “owners” did very little in the way of renovating this place before tenants moved in and didn’t do very much to maintain it during the four years they had it. (it sold last December) My friend/neighbor’s theory is that they bought this place just to launder drug money. I think she’s right. Who knows how many “legitimate” businesses are doing the same thing?

    • LOL! There’s a mysterious gas station near my son’s house…he swears the only explanation for their tenure in business is that they have to be laundering drug money. Really: they charge exorbitant amounts of money for gasoline and propane, and they behave as if they wish you wouldn’t bother them. What other explanation is there? 😀

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