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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

The Strange Benefits of Insomnia

T’other day while chatting with fellow dog-walkers, I learned that Old Dudes enjoy the same wee-hours phenomenon that we Old Bats experience. Says Old Dude with hilarious rescued dog: “We started at 5:00 a.m. Every single morning I wake up at 4:00 and can’t go back to sleep!”

Chortle! Didn’t know there could be an echo in the open air.

At this time of year, 4 a.m. is wake-up time. It’s like an alarm clock goes off, right at four o’clock sharp. Doesn’t matter what time you go to bed. Diddle away the evening and go to bed at midnight, and you’ll still wake up at four ayem.

So I’ve taken to going to bed about 9 p.m. That way, when the internal alarm clock kicks in, I’ve had about seven hours of sleep. Which, we’re told, is ideal for old folks.

And over time, rolling out of the sack at four in the morning turns out to have its benefits.

By seven o’clock this morning…

  • the dogs were walked and fed;
  • the plants were watered;
  • the pool was cleaned and re-chlorinated;
  • the human was bathed and its hair washed;
  • the human’s paws were pedicured elegantly;
  • a magnificent breakfast was served and consumed;
  • news was read;
  • plans for the day were laid…

That’s actually quite a lot of stuff. More to the point: getting all those chores and pleasures out of the way clears the table to do other things. To wit, today I need to…

  • run several errands that grew like weeds after yesterday’s Tempe/Costco junket;
  • spray the weeds behind my house and the kids’ house that are sprouting in the rain;
  • draft the proposal for the Drugging of America book;
  • contact my librarian friend regarding the same project;
  • write the current chapter of Ella’s Story, or at least part of it’
  • pay the AMEX bills;
  • transfer money from PayPal to the S-corp (a major PITA, for arcane reasons);
  • write this post…

Not enough to fill the day to the rafters, but I expect I’ll find other things to do.

The PayPal thing has been a particular nuisance, for two reasons…

First, the account was founded by my business partner, so they think I’m her. In response to a phishing attempt, her husband (an IT dude with advanced degrees in that trade) insisted that she remove her bank account from PayPal, lest it be hacked. Neither of us trusts PayPal or likes doing business through PayPal, but in the absence of a strategy to accept credit-card payments (we’ve been too lazy to engage the hassle and expense entailed in signing up), it’s presently the path of least resistance.

Second, the phishing exploit occurred at the same time the lovely Maricopa County Community College District gave away all its employees’ and students’ private information to hackers. This august institution did nothing about said exploit until the FBI found our data on the Dark Web. When that news came down, my credit union responded to the problem by closing my two accounts (personal and corporate) and transferring the funds into two new accounts with new account numbers. While the Kid was removing the link to her account from PayPal, I was quietly NOT disabusing PayPal of the out-dated account number it had for me. So to withdraw funds for me, we’ve had to order a check from PP to be sent to the Kid, then have her deposit it and send me another check. This, as you can imagine, is a royal PITA.

This morning, though, I happened to notice that PayPal now does have my current corporate checking account number. How they got it, I do not know, unless the CU shared the new number with PayPal…without informing me to that effect. I know I never changed the number at PP — for a reason. So…that’s interesting.

Though the paper-check polka has been a damned nuisance, frankly, I’d rather jump through that hoop than have the funds in my bank account be vulnerable to hacking through PayPal, an organization whose security I do not trust for one hot minute. Naturally, I’d like to have a simpler way to move funds out of PayPal (which is capable of embargoing the balance in your PP account for any number of reasons, fair and wildly unfair). But not at any undue risk…which I believe is posed by doing business through PayPal.

Well, time’s a-wastin’…and time is money, eh? 😉 And so, away…


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