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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke


Lookit this! Among a long and wonderful list of plans to improve life in 2009, Master Your Card publishes a link to this amazing site, a “job bank” for people who want to volunteer.

You enter your location and your skill or your interest, and presto! Up comes a list of volunteer opportunities that look custom-tailored for you.

This is a fantastic tool. One of the reasons I don’t volunteer as much as I would like is that I have no idea who can use my skills or how to access organizations that I’d like to work with. Too often if you cold-call an outfit that’s not actively looking for volunteers, you get a cold shoulder, because they already have everyone they need or limit their choices to an in-group. Here you can find organizations that are advertising for people to join up.

When I entered “editor” and my city, SIX volunteer opportunities came back, two of them very interesting. Enter “gardening” and a long list of neat possibilities comes up, all over the Valley.

Don’t miss the rest of Master Your Credit Card’s piece…especially the video on how the boob tube works on your brain.

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  1. Naturally, my small town was not represented! Just as well, my volunteer hours are pretty fully already!